Your Shipments Are in the Safe Hands of Realiable Carriers and Technologies of TIRPORT

Your Shipments Are in the Safe Hands

Reaching qualified truckers is a time-consuming and difficult process for logistics companies and cargo owners. Every freight owner has had core truckers with whom they work on a regular basis. But urgent shipments, unexpected situations, capacity increases, etc. In many cases, reaching qualified, reliable truckers is one of the main problems for every company. In order to continue their logistics operations uninterrupted, they allocate significant resources for truck supply and invest in personnel. Despite all this, why is it difficult to reach qualified truckers instantly in times of need?

  • First of all, every sector and every type of transportation (dangerous goods, project transportation, etc.) has its own standards and rules. Reaching the truckers needed according to the sector and type of transportation in a short time requires a correct structuring.
  • Insurance, vehicle inspection, etc. It takes time to reach truckers with complete documents, digital document management and a regular control mechanism need to be built.
  • There are problems in reaching the official documents such as waybills and invoices of the transports in a complete and timely manner, requiring technological investment.
  • It is necessary to distinguish between expert truck drivers who provide good service and to measure performance.
  • It is necessary to work to make life easier for truckers who live on the road and to minimize the problems they face. With the right use of technology, the right communication network must be established in the supply chain.

As TIRPORT, we are working to overcome all these difficulties, to ensure that expert truckers are preferred by manufacturers, load owners and logistics companies, and to reach the working conditions and appreciation they deserve.