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Receive freight payments in 24 hours


TIRPORT Yük Taşıyanlar - Yük Peşinde Koşmayın

Don’t chase loads

Your load is ready at TIRPORT when and where you need it.

TIRPORT Yük Taşıyanlar - Dönüş Yükü İçin Beklemeyin

Don’t wait for the return load

You can plan your return load at TIRPORT before you set off, or you can bid on TIRPORT’s special load suggestions while on the road.

TIRPORT Yük Taşıyanlar - 24 Saatte Ödemenizi Alın

Get your payment in 24 hours

Receive your payment within 24 hours after your shipment has been delivered and approved.

Take Your Place

in Turkey’s

Largest Digital Fleet

  • You can easily access the loads suitable for the characteristics of your vehicle at any place and time, without paying any commission, without chasing cargo, only from your mobile phone.
  • Guarantee your return load
  • Receive your payment within 24 hours of delivery
  • Make a difference with your performance among hundreds of thousands of carriers, stand out to shippers, earn more
  • Get 24/7 support from TIRPORT Smart Logistics Tower



Stand Out

With Your Performance

With over 100 thousand carriers, TIRPORT enables shippers and logistics companies to easily access suitable and reliable trucks whenever and wherever they want.

Truckers with TIRPORT do not try to convince people/institutions for their reliability, because all their performances are under record at TIRPORT.

Manufacturers and logistics companies can establish their own virtual fleets from reliable truckers with TIRPORT and can easily access them when needed.

TIRPORT members are prioritized by shippers and logistics companies, earn more and have an easier life.

Meet the advantegous world of


  • Keep track of your cash proceedings on company basis
  • Get your freight payments 24/7
  • Withdraw/Deposit money from all ATM’s
  • Shop from all POS devices and online
  • Have the advantage of paying at the pump at OPETs
  • Shop at a discount from PARAM partner locations
  • Increase your credibility as you use the card, benefit from special credit limits and payment options.
  • Experience the privileges of being a TIRPORT member for your needs such as tire, insurance etc.
Türkiye'nin En Büyük Dijital Kamyon Filosu - TIRPORT


What is TIRPORT?

It is a digital platform that allows you to find loads suitable for the qualifications of your truck, at the desired location and time, without commission, from the TIRPORT YükCEPte application on your smartphone, to bid on the desired load and to plan the return load.

Have Can I Be a TIRPORT Member?

You can become a TIRPORT member by downloading the TIRPORT YukCEPte application from the App Store and Google Play platforms and registering your GSM number.

Is this a paid subscription?

Membership to TIRPORT is free.

What information and documents are required to become a member?

You must register your GSM number to become a member, your Driver’s License, SRC documents and your vehicle’s information and documents to the TIRPORT YukCEPte application in order to bid for transport listings.

For what purpose are the information and documents requested during membership required?

Information/documents requested during membership are requested due to legal obligations.