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Frequently Asked Questions - TIRPORT



What is TIRPORT?

It is a digital platform that allows you to find loads suitable for the qualifications of your truck, at the desired location and time, without commission, from the TIRPORT YükCEPte application on your smartphone, to bid on the desired load and to plan the return load.

How can I be a TIRPORT member?

You can become a TIRPORT member by downloading the TIRPORT YukCEPte application from the App Store and Google Play platforms and registering your GSM number.

Is this a paid subscription?

Membership to TIRPORT is free.

What information and documents are required to become a member?

You must register your GSM number to become a member, your Driver’s License, SRC documents and your vehicle’s information and documents to the TIRPORT YukCEPte application in order to bid for transport listings.

For what purpose are the information and documents requested during membership required?

Information/documents requested during membership are requested due to legal obligations.

How can I bid on listed shipments?

You can view the details and place an offer by tapping on the shipment you are interested among the shipment requests in the TIRPORT YukCEPte application.

When and how do I receive my freight payment?

After you complete your transportation and your delivery is digitally approved by the cargo owner, your payment is made by TIRPORT to your account within 24 hours.

What happens if my transport is canceled by the shipper?

You can get support by calling our Smart Call Center at 0850 847 76 78.

How are problems with shipment resolved?

TIRPORT Smart Call Center provides 24/7 technical and operational support.

How is TIRPORT different from other load finding platforms?

With its location-based and real-time technologies and operational power, TIRPORT allows you to make comprehensive planning by presenting not only suitable loads but also return load alternatives. With its business partners network, it offers the opportunity to reach many products and services easily and conveniently.