TIRPORT, which has become the largest digital platform in logistics in Turkey and the region in three years, creates value for all stakeholders of the logistics industry with its technologies. We provide service from all digital platforms (web/iOS/Android/Tablet) in over 10 countries, 7 different languages, aside from Turkey. We contribute to the end-to-end monitoring, management and reporting of thousands of FTL shipments every day, supplying reliable trucks to dozens of logistics companies, freight owners and SMEs.

End-to-end management of logistics operations from all digital platforms ensures easy access to suitable, reliable and available trucks, while making it possible for truckers to easily access loads whenever and wherever they want. Every day, we create value for dozens of individual truck owners by intelligently organizing their return loads while they are on the road for other shipments. We enable small fleet owners to effectively manage their fleet and their drivers from mobile.

We provide one-touch invoicing from mobile, company-based current monitoring and reliable payment services with the “Tırport Card” and “Reliable Tırport Payment Systems” with electronic money infrastructure.

We have the technological infrastructure to enable the U-ETDS (Transport Electronic Tracking and Inspection System) reports, which is mandatory in Europe and whose basic infrastructures are prepared by the Ministry of Transport in Turkey, to be sent instantly with a single touch from the Tırport YükCEPte application.

All spot shipments carried under TIRPORT are end-to-end insured and under the guarantee of TIRPORT.

We are the largest community in the industry with more than 100 thousand TIRPORT member truck drivers. In the next 5 years, we aim to be one of the most important digital platforms of the logistics line stretching from Europe to the Turkic Republics and Africa, and to be the first brand that comes to mind when the word “shipment” is mentioned by 1.5 million regional truckers.