A. About Our Privacy Policies

1. Policy Scope and Implementation

As GRN LOGISTICS TECHNOLOGIES INC. (“TIRPORT”), the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the International Conventions on human rights to which our country is a party, and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK”), in accordance with the relevant legislation, especially the European Union General Data Protection Regulation/ General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPRIt is our priority to ensure that the rights of the data subjects whose data are processed are used effectively by processing them in accordance with the specified scopes.

Therefore, but not limited to those listed; Processing data regarding our users, employees, suppliers, customers, visitors, members (loaders – loaders), users visiting our website (“Website”) and mobile applications (“Mobile Application”), in short, all personal data we obtain during our activities, storage, transfer herein Protection and Processing of Personal Data Confidentiality and Cookie Policy (“Policy”).

Protection of personal data and observance of the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons whose personal data are collected are the basic principles of our policy regarding the processing of personal data. For this reason, we carry out all our activities in which personal data are processed, by protecting the privacy of private life, confidentiality of personal information, confidentiality of communication, freedom of thought and belief, and the right to use effective legal remedies.

For the purpose of protecting personal data, we take all administrative and technical protection measures required by the nature of the data in accordance with the legislation and up-to-date technology.

This Policy explains the methods we follow for the processing, storage, transfer, deletion or anonymization of personal data shared during our commercial, promotion-marketing or social responsibility and similar activities, within the framework of the principles mentioned in the KVKK, and by TIRPORT with the extension It is aimed to carry out the activities related to the transportation service to be carried out between those who will carry out the product transportation activities for the purpose of carrying out the activities provided on the website and the service users for the transportation of the products, in accordance with the scope of KVKK.

2. Definition and Abbreviations

Explicit Consent : Consent given to a certain subject, based on information and free will, with a clearness that leaves no room for hesitation, limited to that transaction only.

Anonymization : It is the rendering of personal data in no way associated with an identified or identifiable natural person, even by matching with other data.

Employee : Company Personnel.

GDPR : European Union Data Protection Directive dated 25.05.2018 ( EU General Data Protection Regulation)

Personal Data Owner (Relevant Person) : The natural person whose personal data is processed.

Personal Data : Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Processing of Personal Data : Obtaining, recording, storing, storing, changing, rearranging, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making available, classifying personal data by fully or partially automatic or non-automatic means provided that it is a part of any data recording system. or any kind of operation performed on the data, such as preventing its use.

KVK Board : Personal Data Protection Board.

KVK Authority : Personal Data Protection Authority.

KVKK : The Law on Protection of Personal Data published in the Official Gazette dated 7 April 2016 and numbered 29677.

Policy : Confidentiality and Cookie Policy of GRN LOGISTICS TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş.

Special Quality Personal Data : People’s race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, health information, fingerprints, clothing, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction , and data on security measures, as well as biometric and genetic data.


TIRPORT Membership System : Company and Company digital platforms membership system.

Data Processor : The natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller, based on the authority given by the data controller.

Data Controller : The natural or legal person who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data and is responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system.

3. Our Principles in the Processing of Personal Data

We process personal data in accordance with the principles below.

Processing in accordance with the law and the rules of honesty: We process personal data in accordance with the rules of honesty, transparently and within the framework of our obligation to enlighten.

Ensuring that personal data is accurate and up-to-date when necessary: We take the necessary measures in our data processing procedures to ensure that the processed data is accurate and up-to-date. We also allow the personal data owner to apply to us to update their existing data and to correct any errors in their processed data, if any.

Processing for specific, clear and legitimate purposes: As TIRPORT, personal data; We operate within our legitimate purposes, the scope and content of which are clearly defined, to continue our activities within the framework of the legislation and the ordinary course of commercial life.

Personal data being related, limited and measured for the purpose for which they are processed: We process personal data in a connected, limited and measured way for the purpose we have clearly and precisely determined. We avoid the processing of personal data that is not relevant or does not need to be processed. For this reason, we do not process personal data of a private nature unless there is a legal requirement, or we obtain express consent on the subject when we need to process it.

Storage of personal data for the duration of our legitimate commercial interests and stipulated by the legal regulations: Many regulations in the legislation require personal data to be kept for a certain period of time. For this reason, we keep the personal data we process for as long as required by the relevant legislation or for the purposes of processing personal data.

In case the storage period stipulated in the legislation expires or the purpose of processing disappears, we delete, destroy or anonymize personal data.

4. Your Personal Data Processed Within the Scope of TIRPORT

Personal data is any information that will determine you, such as your personal identity (name-surname, date of birth, TCKN, etc.), the contact you specify during membership (phone number, address, e-mail address, etc.).

The data processed through the website / mobile application are as follows:

  • Financial Data: It includes data such as invoice and payment information in case you purchase services through TIRPORT. In addition, TIRPORT carries out payment transactions through Türkpara, the licensed payment institution with which it has a contract. In this context, it provides data security with 256-bit encryption algorithm and SSL certificate in data transmission. User’s bank/credit card information is used by the payment institution and is not stored in the database in any way.
  • Identity Data: Name-surname, TCKN, user membership ID number, membership information.
  • Contact Data: Home, mobile phone, address, e-mail, information about where to pick up the cargo, where to drop it off.
  • Transaction Information: Date of using TIRPORT service, your preferences, past orders, packages you have purchased, etc.
  • Marketing Data: Reviews, cookie records, etc., showing your preferences and likes.
  • Transaction Security Information: log in credential information, password information.
  • Request/Complaint Information: Information you share with your requests and complaints on the site.
  • Comments
  • Risk Management Information: IP address.
  • Location Information: Your location information processed through the website / mobile application.

5. Purpose and Legal Reasons for Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data processed through the TIRPORT Website or Mobile Application; to carry out our commercial activities and invoicing processes, to provide support services within the scope of the contract and within the framework of service standards, to develop our products and services, to carry out advertising, promotion and campaign processes if you have approved in advance, to carry out corporate communication activities, to carry out systematic reporting processes, to carry out logistics activities, to request It is processed in line with the purposes of following up the complaints, informing the authorized persons, institutions and organizations, carrying out the job application process, supporting the training, development and career processes of the employees, complying with the information storage, reporting and information obligations stipulated by the legislation and other authorities. In this context, your personal data may be stored, preserved and transferred by TIRPORT in accordance with the periods stipulated in the law, in order to ensure that the technical, logistics and similar processes of third parties can be provided by the Seller, pursuant to the performance of the distance sales contract and other contracts and the legal reasons clearly stipulated in the laws.

Your personal data processed in this context will be processed in accordance with the scope, procedures and principles of the Personal Data Protection Law and GDPR.

6. Transfer Scope of Your Personal Data

For the above-mentioned purposes, your personal data that you share with TIRPORT are sent to our business partners and main shareholders, our suppliers, transportation and cargo companies for the execution of our logistics activities, the legally determined message management system for sending commercial electronic messages to Users, and foreign IT companies from which hosting and cloud storage services are provided. is transferred to legally authorized public institutions and organizations limited to the purpose requested by the relevant public institutions and organizations within the legal authority, and to legally authorized private legal persons, limited to the purpose requested by the relevant private legal persons within the legal authority.

In addition, the information of the TIRPORT member driver, who will carry out the said logistics activity, is shared, limited to the purpose within the scope of the activity, in order to effectively provide the logistics activity planned to be carried out, to the personnel or responsible persons determined by the TIRPORT member Loader.

In addition, the User’s Name and Contact Information, pursuant to the payment institution framework agreement to be approved at the payment stage, and in accordance with the Regulation on the Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism, published in the Official Gazette dated 9 January 2008 and numbered 26751, in order to verify the identity of the licensed payment, with which we cooperate. will be shared with the organization.

7. Measures Regarding the Security of Your Personal Data

Within the scope of Law No. 6698 and the conditions stated in this Privacy and Cookie Policy, TIRPORT carries out the necessary measures and inspections to ensure appropriate conditions and minimum security level in order to ensure that Personal Data is not processed illegally, that personal data is not illegally accessed and that personal data is preserved. .

TIRPORT does not disclose the Personal Data obtained from you to third parties in violation of the relevant law and this Privacy and Cookie Policy, and does not use it for purposes other than processing.

8. Social Media Links

There are social media buttons on the TIRPORT site so that you can share or mark web pages. Unless you click on one of the social media buttons on the site, the links do not become effective. However, by clicking on the relevant buttons, you can make the links effective and connect with social media applications. If you have a logged in account on these social media sites, your visit to our site may be associated with the relevant social media sites and your information may be recorded by the social media sites you click on. However, if you want to prevent a connection between your account on social media sites and your visit to our website, you must log out of the relevant social media accounts before accessing our website.

Social media sites and other third party websites are beyond our control and are not covered by this Privacy and Cookie Policy. In this context; We are not responsible for the activities, privacy policies or privacy compliance levels of such social media sites and other websites. For this reason, you should review the terms of use and privacy policies of the relevant websites in order to learn how these websites collect and use information about their users, how this can be prevented or how the information can be deleted.

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time in order to comply with changing conditions and legislation.

B. About Our Cookie Policy

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small texts that are stored on your computer or network server via browsers by the websites you visit. When you visit TIRPORT’s website, some of the data on your computer may be stored as “Cookies”. The use of these cookies provides a link between your browser and the server.

For more detailed information, you can check .

2. How are Cookies Used on the TIRPORT Website?

When you visit the TIRPORT website, cookies are loaded from the following sources in line with your browser’s cookie settings:

Cookie NameCategoryDescription of the CookiepurposeStatus of SharingPersonal Information Tracking and Data Transfer Status
__cf_bmMANDATORY COOKIESIt is the security cookie used to detect whether the site visitor is a bot (robot).It is a cookie installed by the security agent CloudFlare for the security of both parties to every visitor to the site. It is mandatory.Not sharedIt does not track and transfer personal information.
cookieyes-consentMANDATORY COOKIESIt is the cookie used for the explicit consent management platform.Cookie usage is installed by the cookie management tool for consent registration.TIRPORT onlyIt does not track and transfer personal information.
wp-wpml_current_languageMANDATORY COOKIESIt is the cookie in which the visitor's language preferences (Turkish, English, etc.) are saved.Saves the visitor's site language selection.TIRPORT onlyIt is not permanent. It does not track and transfer personal information.
wpml_browser_redirect_testMANDATORY COOKIESIt is the cookie in which the visitor's language preferences (Turkish, English, etc.) are saved.Tests the visitor's permission to save their language selection. Returns an error if cookies are blocked. When there is an error, the visitor's language selection is lost.TIRPORT onlyIt is not permanent. It does not track and transfer personal information.
_lscache_varyPERFORMANCE COOKIECookie used by the buffer manager to improve the visitor's site navigation.It is used to determine the buffer usage status during the visitor's site navigation. If the administrator is logged in, the buffer is bypassed. If it is a normal visitor, the buffer data is used for fast operation.TIRPORT onlyIt does not track and transfer personal information.
_gaOPTIONAL FUNCTIONAL COOKIESGoogle Analytics cookie.It is generated by Google Analytics. It is used to analyze the movements of the site users within the site. It transfers anonymized tracking data to Google servers.GoogleIt transmits anonymous visitor data to Google servers.
_gat_UA-133309513-1OPTIONAL FUNCTIONAL COOKIESGoogle Analytics cookie.It is generated by Google Analytics. It is used to analyze the movements of the site users within the site. It transfers anonymized tracking data to Google servers.GoogleIt transmits anonymous visitor data to Google servers.
_ga_MDM559ECYQOPTIONAL FUNCTIONAL COOKIESGoogle Analytics cookie.It is generated by Google Analytics 4. It is used to maintain the persistence of the user's session on the site. It transfers anonymized tracking data to Google servers.GoogleIt transmits anonymous visitor data to Google servers.
_goOPTIONAL FUNCTIONAL COOKIESGoogle Analytics cookie.It is generated by Google Analytics. It tracks the pages visited by the site user and the number of views. It transfers anonymized tracking data to Google servers.GoogleIt transmits anonymous visitor data to Google servers.
_gcl_auOPTIONAL ADVERTISING COOKIESGoogle Ads cookie.It is created for conversion tracking for Google ads. It transfers anonymized tracking data to Google servers.GoogleIt is an ad tracking cookie. Used by Google to personalize ads. It monitors personal data.
_fbpOPTIONAL ADVERTISING COOKIESMeta Ads cookie.It records the number of pages the user has navigated on the site for the purpose of tracking Meta (formerly Facebook) ads. Transfers anonymous user data to Meta servers.Meta (Facebook)It is an ad tracking cookie. Used by Meta for customization of ads. It monitors personal data.

3. Control and Deletion of Cookies

Make sure that your computer settings are set to inform you about your acceptance of cookies or whether you have turned off or disabled cookies. You can set your browser to warn you before accepting this tracking technology, or you can set it to reject these devices. Instructions on the subject can be found in your browser’s manual.

If you do not want to use cookies, you can always delete or block your Cookies from your browser’s settings. However, please note that turning off or disabling Cookies may result in reduced usability of the services provided by the site or even some parts of it not working properly.

You can follow the directions in the Privacy or Settings Section of your device for cookies in mobile applications and limit the use of cookies.

4. Exercise of Rights Regarding Personal Data

Personal Data Owner, pursuant to Article 11 of the KVKK, submits his/her request regarding his/her personal data to: Atatürk Mahallesi, Ataşehir Bulvarı Ata Plaza 3/3, No:17/77, Kat:9, 34758 Ataşehir / İstanbul by registered mail with return receipt requested. If your mail address is registered in your system, you can forward it to [email protected] e-mail account.
on application
a) Name, surname and signature if the application is written,
b) TR identity number for citizens of the Republic of Turkey, nationality, passport number or identity number, if any, for foreigners,
c) Domicile or workplace address for notification,
ç) If available, the e-mail address, telephone and fax number for notification,
d) The subject of the request must be present.
e) Information and documents related to the subject are attached to the application.
f) In written applications, the date of notification is the application date.
g) In applications made by other methods; The date on which the application reaches us is the application date.

Such requests will be made individually and requests made by unauthorized third parties regarding personal data will not be taken into consideration.

Requests for personal data are concluded as soon as possible and in any case within 30 (thirty) days at the latest, free of charge, or against the fee in the tariff in case the conditions in the tariff to be published by the KVK Board are met.

Additional information and documents may be requested during the application or while the application is being evaluated.