Gerçek Zamanlı İzlenebilirlik

Real Time Traceability

You can monitor the trucks in your fleet in real time, interfere with waiting times, and optimize your transportation processes.

Uçtan Uca operasyon Yönetimi

End-to-End Operations Management

You can manage your ongoing operations from loading to unloading from a single screen, be instantly aware of delays and disruptions and produce solutions.

Anlık Güvenilir Kamyon Tedariki

Instant Reliable Truck Supply

By using TIRPORT’s reliable trucker pool, you can procure trucks from the spot market, take advantage of competitive market prices, and use your capacity effectively.

Dijital Evrak Yönetimi

Digital Document Management

At TIRPORT, all official documents and transport documents of trucks and drivers are digitized end-to-end, and you can access the documents whenever you need them.

Yükünüzü Güvenilir TIRPORT'lu Kamyoncularımıza Emanet Edin


Your Shipments

To Accredited

TIRPORT Carriers

In order to become a TIRPORT member, truckers must upload their own and vehicle information, after the information is verified, they are entitled to be a TIRPORT member. Documents of truck drivers with TIRPORT are complete and complete. Accessible digitally anytime, anywhere.

A performance evaluation is made after each shipment of carriers at TIRPORT. Truckers with low performance and reliability are not included in the TIRPORT network.

Manage Your Operations

End-to-End on a Real Time Location Basis

  • Manage your ongoing operations at home or abroad in real time from your computer or mobile phone.
  • At Tırport, the entire journey of the load is recorded end-to-end digitally, enabling real-time and location-based reporting. Optimize your operational processes by easily accessing all kinds of reports specific to your company.
  • Perform efficiency analyzes on the basis of customers, lines, and fleets.
Yükverenler Arka Plan Görseli
Taşıma Evrakları TIRPORT'la Dijitalleşiyor

Transport Documents

Going Digital with TIRPORT

With its enhanced intelligence supported technologies, TIRPORT digitizes, tracks and makes available 24/7 all transport documents through its application.

From the waybill to the invoice, from the vehicle’s license to the SRC certificate, all information about the transport, vehicle and driver are digitally recorded in TIRPORT.

Show Your Customers

That They Are


And Special

When a TIRPORT member carriers vehicle is loaded, all the transport information of the load is digitally processed into the system. Loading and delivery points, loading and unloading times and conditions are added to the shipment information as well as the details of the waybill regarding the load. While the truck is on its way, TIRPORT generates a secure SSL link specific to that transport. When you share this link with your customer, they can monitor the shipping process live, as well as all the waybill information of the load.

Contribute to Environment,

Reduce Carbon Emissions

With the real-time visibility feature of TIRPORT, you can have real-time control of the routes of the vehicles in your fleet. You will have the opportunity to see the losses in your operation, and you can contribute to reducing carbon emissions by better route planning.


What is TIRPORT?

TIRPORT is a digital platform that allows you to manage your shipments in real-time, location-based end-to-end, access live delivery reports, be instantly notified of delays and disruptions, and have easy access to the trucks you need.

Have can I be a TIRPORT member?

You can become a member by completing the membership steps on www.tirport.com. After your company information is verified, your membership will be activated.

Is this a paid subscription?

Membership to TIRPORT is free. Additional service requests are subject to charges.

What is the service fee of TIRPORT?

You can get detailed information on this by calling our Smart Call Center on 0850 847 76 78.

How does TIRPORT carry out Spot Market shipments?

TIRPORT offers you a freight offer for the shipment you need, and if you accept it, it matches you with the most suitable member carrier with artificial intelligence supported technologies. It allows you to monitor, manage and report the entire process end-to-end location-based and real-time.