World Giant Kalmar Global Released Its “Cargo Transport 2060 Vision”

World Giant Kalmar Global Released Its "Cargo Transport 2060 Vision"

Kalmar has revised its “Port 2060” vision and released a new video showing what the sustainable future of cargo handling will look like in 2060.

According to Kalmar ‘s vision for 2060, data will fundamentally change the way it works by making world trade more efficient, secure and sustainable. People will live in smart cities that are part of a global ecosystem where consumer demands continue to drive the logistics and cargo handling industry.

Strategy and development unit deputy general manager Frank Kho From this vision, “We believe that in 2060, services will be more efficient and personalized. Specialty items like your favorite ground coffee will be available to order directly from a local producer. Products will move rapidly around the world in smart containers that know the goods being transported and their destination. Everything will be automatic and highly efficient,” he says.

In Kalmar ‘s vision of the future, it is envisaged that the terminals will be a complete logistics ecosystem, acting as global exchange points. It is thought that all ports will operate on renewable energy automatically and with zero carbon emissions, and that with continuous predictive maintenance work, everything will always run smoothly, and in this way, big data will be used for the full benefit of society. In this way, artificial intelligence combined with human experience and knowledge will help us solve highly complex problems, people will be more interconnected than ever before, and new digital technologies will enable the emergence of different forms of collaboration, co-production and innovation that will positively impact millions of lives around the world. will make it possible.

The Port 2060 initiative was founded in 2011 to spark discussion about the future of the port industry. With a series of articles, blog posts and conference presentations, Kalmar aimed to anticipate the problems and solutions related to containerization approaching its centennial.

Maija Eklöf, vice president of marketing and communications at Kalmar , sums up this vision in the words, “We want to actively engage and promote issues that can help our customers and partners prepare for the future and embrace new technologies and innovations, and continue the discussion on the future of cargo transportation.”

Source: KalmarGlobal