World Famous Music Group U2 Joins Investors of Logistics Startup “Convoy”

World Famous Music Group U2 Joins Investors of Logistics Startup “Convoy”

U2 lead singer Bono and lead guitarist The Edge have invested in Convoy , one of the leading networks of tech-based small-scale transportation companies. Two Irish rock stars joined Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft ‘s co-founder Bill Gates, other well-known Convoy investors with this investment.

Convoy ‘s co-founder and CEO Dan Lewis, regarding the investment; “ Bono and The Edge know more about transportation than you might imagine. They have spent most of their business life traveling the world with U2 and have learned a lot about the transportation sector while traveling from city to city. When they listened to Convoy , they liked the idea of “using technology to enable millions of truckers to expand their businesses and to reduce waste by ensuring that trucks are not empty. ” .

Trucks travel more than 100 billion miles unladen in the United States each year. Acting with the mission of transporting the world with endless capacity and avoiding waste, Convoy has built a platform known as the largest technology-based network of small-scale logistics companies in the country. By optimizing this network, Convoy transports freight in a way that improves truck driver’s livelihoods and reduces 7% of all greenhouse gases from transportation.

It is known that Bono and The Edge made this investment in 2017.

Source: AmericanTrucker