With TIRPORT, the Trucker Will Have 2 Thousand TL in His Pocket Every Month

With TIRPORT, the Trucker Will Have 2 Thousand TL in His Pocket Every Month

In Turkey, 900 thousand trucks receive loads every day, 92% of the transportation is done by road. With 850 thousand trucks registered to the traffic, 40 thousand new trucks are sold every year in Turkey, which has the largest truck market in Europe.

Transportation is an important source of bread in our country, where 9 out of 10 trucks on the roads belong to individuals. 1.5 million people earn their living directly from trucks.

More than 2 thousand transport companies in Turkey, located in 81 provinces and hundreds of districts, and nearly 500 Motor Carriers Cooperatives are the freight organizers of this business. He organizes the truckers.

In our country, where fuel is very expensive, finding a suitable and fast return load for truckers has literally turned into an ordeal. A trucker waits at the place where he went for the return load for 2 days. There are hundreds of transport garages and truck parks in our country, which have become a meeting point economy in order to find suitable cargo.

While waiting for the return load, the trucker spends at least 200-250 TL each time. The monthly waiting cost of a truck driver is 1.500 TL. On top of that, when the high commissions it pays for the load are added, the alternative cost of finding a load for the trucker exceeds 2 thousand TL per month.

When truck installments, compulsory insurance expenses, commission payments, fuel expenses, tire and maintenance expenses are added, a trucker feels happy when he earns a net income of 3 thousand TL per month. Therefore, a possible savings of TL 2 thousand is a very valuable item for the trucker.

With TIRPORT, Trucker’s Return Load Is in His Pocket…

Smartphones continue to create value for us by touching our lives from different places. These latest developments in smartphones are causing groundbreaking changes in the logistics industry.

Turkey’s Startup, TIRPORT, with its new mobile application, is the solution to the burdens of hundreds of thousands of truckers on the road. Truck driver looking for a return load, the appropriate load for him; At the appropriate time, at the appropriate place and at an affordable price, you can find it on the TIRPORT mobile application while on the road. Thus, the trucker gets rid of waiting in the truck parks and the ordeal of finding a return load for days, and instantly gets the appropriate load from the mobile application.

On the other hand, Freight Payers meet on the TIRPORT platform with reliable truckers who have used the TIRPORT mobile application many times and received high performance scores from the loads they carry. It can keep its own “approved trucker” lists up to date. Logistics companies can easily find reliable and suitable trucks. The trucker said, “Can I have my money?” While he does not deal with his troubles, the Cargo Giver asks, “Is my load safe?” has no worries. With the TIRPORT digital platform supported by artificial intelligence, they can track every stage of transportation in real-time on a document-based basis. They have the opportunity to intervene in problems before they turn into problems.