Number of Unicorn Startups Over 230, Total Values Over 1 Trillion USD

Number of Unicorn Startups Over 230, Total Values Over 1 Trillion USD

Technology startups continue to shake the world-renowned company growth paradigms. They can reach values within 3-5 years, far beyond the value of conventional industrial giants with a life span of more than 100 years.

Today’s technology startups are pioneered by Microsoft and Apple of the 80s and Google of the 90s. Amazon and Alibaba have become a phenomenon in e-commerce, and popular applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram have also become a phenomenon in social life.

The total value of these 10 technology giants, which are excluded from the current Unicorn lists, is over 3 trillion USD.

Technology Giants are now the most valuable companies in the world

With a value of approximately 800 Billion USD, Apple takes the lead in the world, followed by Google (Alphabet) 600 Billion USD, Microsoft 510 Billion USD, Amazon 430 Billion USD, Facebook 400 Billion USD, Chinese internet giant Tencent 280, e-commerce giant Alibaba. It follows with 270 Billion USD…

There are now 6 technology companies in the top ten of the world’s largest companies. In 10 years, 10 of the top 10 could be tech companies.

In 2017, 57 more Startups crossed the Billion USD threshold to become Unicorns

According to CB Insight February 2018 data;

As of the end of 2017, the number of technology Startups called “Unicorn” with a value exceeding 1 Billion USD has exceeded 230. The total value of 230 startups is pushing 1 Trillion USD.

In 2017, 57 more Startups joined the “Unicorn” family. Over 70 Startups are expected to surpass the Unicorn level in 2018.

Of the 230 unicorns, 113 Startups have left the US, accounting for 49%. China follows with 62 Unicorns.

In the Startup journey led by the USA and China, Unicorn was able to take out from 23 countries. Still, a Unicorn-level startup has not emerged from many European countries, including Turkey. Japan, which earns large incomes in the computer games industry, is one of those who have problems in this regard. The shining star is India

The schools where Unicorn’s founders graduated draw attention…

When looking at the founders of the Unicorns, another factor that draws attention is the universities:

The founders of most unicorns came from US universities. Here, too, Stanford University is taking the lead, with 51 Unicorn founders. It is followed by Harvard University with 37 founders and the University of California with 18 founders. One of the striking results is that the Indian Technical University is ahead of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which can produce 12 founders and 9 founders, and Oxford , which can produce 8 founders.

Number of Unicorn Startups Over 230, Total Values Over 1 Trillion USD
Startup attack in Israel draws attention! Tel Aviv has become an “incubation city”…

Since 2010, Israel has directed its investments focused on the arms industry to Startups. In Tel Aviv, the Startup culture has been reduced to high schools. Coding lessons were withdrawn until primary education. The results are out there…

Startups in Israel continue to attract huge investments from global funds. In 2017, Startups in Israel received a total investment of 5.24 billion USD. The total investment amount received by Israeli Startups in the first 2 months of 2018, which managed to receive an investment of 500 million USD in February 2018, exceeded 760 million USD.

When we face the fact that the total Startup investments in Turkey were not 30 million USD in the past 2017, this situation comes to us in a striking way.

In Israel, the average investment amount made to Startups in the last 5 years has not fallen below 7 Billion USD .

Another striking fact about Israel is that the right startup ideas and teams can receive investments of 10-15 million USD at the seeding stage. Israel is almost turning into a startup society identity as a country…

The most important development that triggered these developments in Israel was the acquisition of ” Mobileye ” company, which produces Israeli Autonomous Vehicle Technologies, by Intel, a conventional technology giant, for 15.3 Billion USD last year.

From the World to Turkey..

A Startup revolution is taking place in the world. To understand the startup, we have to be somewhere in it.

The number of unicorn startups in the world has exceeded 250. Not a single one of these works has emerged with the idea of a large group. Jobs in which large groups have been involved as investors over time…

We need to focus on “ How can we produce at least 50 Unicorns in the next 10 years ” in Turkey… Because those 50 Startups will create an additional power multiplier of at least 1 Trillion USD to the economy.

Unicorns will come out by establishing venture capitals and investing in projects in areas you believe in.