The World of Logistics in Turkey Now Has a Domestic Data Source: TIRPORT Insights

TIRPORT Insights

TIRPORT, which has become one of the most important logistics platforms not only in Turkey but also in the world with its digital services, has launched its logistics information service TIRPORT Insights as of January 01, 2021.

Live and up-to-date data of the logistics industry, reports, evaluations, analyzes and predictions about the industry began to be published from TRInsights.

Data from the Turkish logistics industry, comparative analyzes of the industry from the world and Turkey, and report summaries published by government agencies and industry associations are shared on TRInsights. A very rich content, also based on live data, is offered to industry stakeholders, education and the academic world.

What’s in TRInsights?

  • Turkey road transport traffic density map
  • Density map of Turkey’s freight exit points by city-district
  • Periodic comparisons and analyzes regarding the sector, infographics showing the pulse of the sector
  • Reports published by various private and public institutions on the sector Important news, reports, evaluations and analyzes from the world and Turkey concerning the logistics sector
  • Industry-leading articles and reviews
  • Anonymized data sets based on real data that students and academics at universities can use in academic studies
  • Open source library services to support artificial intelligence studies in the industry
  • It is aimed to present deep learning infrastructures that enable the direction of artificial intelligence studies such as natural language processing, making sense of text or visual content, developing suggestion systems, and optimization of distribution systems for the sector.

Our goal: With TRInsights, it aims to facilitate the transition of the logistics sector and its actors to industry 4.0, to increase the efficiency and profitability in the sector, and to increase the country’s logistics capacity vertically and horizontally, while making sense of the data taking place in the sector and actively sharing it with the public.