How Do CEOs View Digital Transformation in Turkey?

How Do CEOs View Digital Transformation in Turkey?

The “CEO Perspective on Digital Transformation in Turkey” report was published as a result of the meetings held with 58 CEOs of important companies operating in Turkey, in cooperation with TÜSİAD, Samsung Turkey, GfK and Deloitte, over a period of three months.

According to the general data emerging from the research, among the reasons leading to digital change;

Increasing efficiency by 21%
Gaining a competitive advantage with a rate of 19%
Being able to respond quickly to customer needs with a rate of 19%
It is seen to create profitability with a rate of 12%.

Among the large companies participating in the research, there are 11 holdings, 11 banks, 6 retail companies, 4 fast moving consumer goods companies, 3 telecommunication companies, 3 consumer durables companies, 2 insurance companies, 2 furniture manufacturing companies, 2 construction companies and 2 packaging companies. In the ‘other’ category, 12 companies participate in the research. The total turnover of the companies exceeds 2.2 billion dollars and the total number of personnel is over 10,000. When we look at the profiles of the CEOs, it is seen that while the year of operation of the companies is 35, the average age of 58 CEOs representing these companies is 47, 84% of them are men and 16% are women.

Source: TUSIAD