Trucker Performance Card Will Make a Difference in the Logistics Industry

Trucker Performance Card Will Make a Difference in the Logistics Industry

There are approximately 850 thousand trucks and TIRs registered to traffic in our country. These vehicles become a breadbasket for approximately 1.5 million drivers. In our country, where 92% of the logistics transportation is carried out by road, there are approximately 6 thousand small, medium and large-scale transportation companies in our country and approximately 900 thousand shipments are made every day in our country. When rates are so high, transportation companies have to reach a large network of drivers every day. Every new shipment requires the transporters to work with reliable and qualified drivers, and this “quality and safety” requirement is increasing day by day.

TIRPORT set out to find solutions to these crucial needs of the industry with the “Driver Performance Card”. With the “Driver Performance Card”, which was developed with CRM and ERP infrastructure, supported by call centers and gained ease of use with the TIRPORT Mobile Application, transportation companies will now find comfort by working with high-rated, reliable and good drivers. “TIRPORT Driver Performance Card” will soon become the strongest and most valid criterion for both truck owners and transporters to reach good and reliable drivers, and all transport companies that work as members of the TIRPORT network will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the logistics sector.

Not just shippers! Thousands of truck/trailer drivers who do their job right and hard will now have the opportunity to show their differences. The driver, who is a member of the TIRPORT network, who is looking for a job among thousands of his competitors, will now be able to protect the rights of all successful shipments with the “Driver Performance Card” and show them to the employers. A member of the TIRPORT network, who left behind the old conditions where good and bad were mixed, will prove his good work to employers with the “Driver Performance Card”, so that he will get the job in the forefront, and just like the Transporter who “makes a difference” in the sector by working with a good driver, the reliable Trucker will also benefit from successful transportation performance. IT WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE it deserves in your earnings.

Features of TIRPORT “Driver Performance Card”

Benefits for Shippers:
With the Driver Performance Card feature, the drivers who are included in the TIRPORT network and working actively on the transporter’s own special CRM & ERP screens;

How many transports in total,
How many kilometers did you transport in total,
Loading and Unloading Performances, “On Time” and “Perfect” pick up rates. Rates of taking the load without delay on the way. “On time” and “Perfect” delivery rates instead of unloading,
After each shipment (Loader) will be able to see the “Truck Driver Performance Rating”, which is formed by the survey interview to be made with the transporters and other system success data, and can follow up retrospectively.
Thanks to the “Truck Driver Performance Card”, for the first time in our country’s logistics sector, the performance of truck drivers will be transformed into data and be measurable.
The logistics industry will meet the only scientific, valid and reliable criterion for truck owners and transporters looking for drivers. The innovation and prestige that this criterion will add to the sector will create a positive and strong position in the eyes of the “transport companies” that are members of the TIRPORT network, manufacturers, importers & exporters, retailers, in short, all contracted freight companies. Prestigious, powerful and reliable “transport companies” that are members of the TIRPORT network will successfully come out of the tenders they participate in, with new agreements, and will protect their existing “contracted companies” with confidence in the logistics sector, where competition conditions are increasing day by day, and in short, they will gain strength.

Benefits for Truckers:

Thanks to the “Truck Driver Performance Cards” that will be created approved by the Turkish Drivers and Automobile Federation, a great innovation will occur in the sector, and now the trucker who does his job properly will present his reliability with strong data, proving his success and good work.
Drivers who are members of the TIRPORT network looking for a job will now have a scale where they can show their difference in the sector. The successful driver, who shows the “TIRPORT Trucker Performance Card” to those who are looking for a “reliable driver” to deliver their cargo or truck, will be welcomed in the eyes of the employer and will always get the job they want at the forefront. This will strengthen the market position of good drivers and increase their bargaining share in freight offers. A good driver will be preferred more and will win under better conditions, and the transporter who works with a good truck driver with a high rating will always be comfortable, have a good job and always have a high prestige in the eyes of their “contracted companies”.