Mobile Technologies Transform the Logistics Industry

Mobile Technologies Transform the Logistics Industry

The ‘digitalization era in logistics companies’ begins with TIRPORT…

TIRPORT, which continues to lead the Industry 4.0 journey of Logistics in Turkey; It offers high technologies that will allow logistics companies to manage their operations end-to-end, in real time and on a location-based basis.

It opens the doors of the digital world to nearly 2,000 logistics companies operating in our country. Thanks to TIRPORT , logistics companies that are on their way to the digital world can manage their daily work with a few steps from their laptop or mobile phones, instead of doing their daily work with hundreds of employees and dozens of phone calls. Company officials can instantly find reliable trucks with the features they want, wherever they want, through the TIRPORT Digital Platform, from their smartphones in the palm of their hand. He can follow them step by step.

92% of transportation in Turkey is done by road.

In our country, 92% of the transportation is carried out by highways. With this ratio, Turkey is the world leader in road transport. Every day, 600-900 thousand trucks receive new loads in Turkey.

The management of such a large operation spread throughout the country is tried to be managed by logistics companies with extraordinary effort every day. However, thanks to the Uberization Trend (real-time and location-based digitalization of services, as in the example of UBER ), which is now on the agenda of the world, business processes in the logistics sector can be managed from mobile phones, tablets and computers with a few steps.

The logistics industry is experiencing Industry 4.0 evolution with TIRPORT…

Logistics companies, whose number is close to 2,000, make a superhuman effort every day to reach thousands of “reliable” drivers and vehicles outside their organization and to manage their daily shipments “without any problem”. Because in the sector, where up to 900 thousand trucks are loaded every day, the number of trucks that we call “Özmal” in logistics companies is below 5%. In other words, 19 out of 20 trucks on the roads belong to individuals. We are in a country where trucking is a breadbasket.

For this reason, logistics companies are trying to keep thousands of individual trucks (which have passed safety studies and approved) ready in their own pools. Each of them strives to keep their pools dynamic by making great material and moral efforts in their own way.

With the location-based smart technologies introduced by TIRPORT , it is possible to carry out logistics operations faster and more effectively. At every stage of the business process, significant savings are noticeable.

Corporate companies (Transport/Logistics Companies, etc.) that are members of TIRPORT will now be able to perform both an easy and reliable operation management with TIRPORT CRM & ERP technologies. All operations can be monitored instantly from personalized dashboards.

The leading brands of the sector started to benefit from TIRPORT ‘s technologies in logistics operation management.

TIRPORT aims to become the leader not only in Turkey but also in Europe by managing more than 20 thousand daily transportation operations in 2020.