Your Cargo in Your Pocket with TIRPORT

Your Cargo in Your Pocket with TIRPORT

In our country, where 92% of the transportation is done by road, 1.5 million people take their bread to their homes with their trucks. Transport is one of the unchanged bread boats of Anatolia for 40 years.

Do you know that 900 thousand trucks are loaded every day in Turkey?

The Turkish truck driver, who uses the most expensive fuel in the world, is literally struggling to survive for his bread; On the one hand, high fuel – low transportation price, on the other hand, the problem of finding return loads, the high intermediary commissions it faces and the struggle with the difficult conditions of nature on the roads at any moment…

You ask why?

After Russia, Europe’s largest truck market is in Turkey. According to 2015 data, approximately 40 thousand new trucks are sold annually in Turkey. But our biggest difference from Europe and America is that 9 out of 10 trucks sold by us are sold to individuals. The number of trucks, which we call “ÖZMAL”, of the transportation companies, whose number is around 6,000, is far below the world average, not even 5%. For example, while Turkey’s largest shipping company mediates approximately 4 thousand transports per day, the number of Owneds is less than 400. The transport company, whose numbers are hundreds, does not have a single truck of its own.

Smartphones are entering every aspect of our lives…

They continue to create value for us by touching our lives from different places. Now we order from phones, call a taxi, find our way, communicate, shop, track our cargo, get informed about the opportunities around us, broadcast live, share the food we eat with our followers, and even count the steps we take…

As TIRPORT, we put an end to the burden-finding ordeal of hundreds of thousands of truckers on the roads with technology.

To the trucker;
* Appropriate load,
* In suitable time,
* In the appropriate place,
* Affordable price,
* from Trusted Payloader,
* We can suggest loads even while on the road.

On the other hand, we share our portfolio of “Trusted Truckers” who have used our platform many times and received good performance scores with the Payers.

Trucker “Can I Get My Money?” While he does not deal with his troubles, the Cargo Giver asks, “Is my load safe?” has no worries.

TIRPORT is on its way to becoming the first brand that comes to minds of everyone who owns a cargo and a truck with the slogan “Load is in the Pocket”…