Digital Forwarder Company of the Future: Cogoport

Digital Forwarder Company of the Future: Cogoport

Cogoport, an Indian Digital Forwarder Platform and Its Services

Cogoport Services

Cogoport, India’s international digital forwarding platform, was established in 2016 and went live in February 2017 and started operations. As a technology-based platform, it offers cost effective solutions to companies engaged in sea and air transport. To Cogoport users; It provides the opportunity to make price comparisons in shipping, customs and port expense items.

Cogoport, which offers end-to-end definitive solutions to the logistics sector, exports and importers; brings forwarders, truckers and brokers together with real-time pricing algorithms.

Claiming to offer the best offer by comparing prices among its customers, Cogoport also allows live and location-based tracking of shipments throughout the entire transportation journey, and ensures uninterrupted and timely freight security.

Cogoport is focused on simplifying and digitizing the international movement of cargo. It aims to be the most reliable transportation service that creates added value to the freight market with its experience and high technologies.

Combining technology and data, the platform makes price comparisons between players by taking into account millions of data such as prices, transit times, ship details and hundreds of suppliers from other suppliers in order to ensure the best shipping rates and the most favorable conditions for its customers. In addition to tracking the loads of its customers live, it also allows the instantaneous rates to be compared.

Cogoport Services
The company also offers door-to-door services through price comparisons for trucking, customs fees and inland port fees from the same platform.

Cogoport allows live monitoring of the cargo(s) until they reach the ship. After the container is loaded on the ship, the location of the ship can be tracked live on the website. Thus, the customer can access the location of the container via the current coordinates of the ship on which the container is loaded.

When the customer enters the container loading area, Cogoport compares more than 25 sea lines and presents them to its customers. In this way, it is possible to choose the best freight price. Customers can create waybills through the system, and contact the trucker about loading the ready container. Waybills can be accessed as soon as the container is loaded onto the ship. Waybills can be accessed from the “My Transports” section of the dashboard on the website. Payment can be made quickly online or easily credited without any hassle.

If you compare Cogoport with other Forwarder companies, “Cogoport allows you to look at all carriers impartially under the same conditions, to choose the most suitable carrier according to the transportation costs to be realized, and to send proactive notifications to the customer in cases that concern him.”

Cogoport received 6 Million USD Series A Investment by Venture Capital Company Accel Partners last year. Cogoport was operating only in India until March 2018. With this investment, it decided to expand and opened offices in China and the Netherlands. He also started to be interested in the European, North African and Middle Eastern market.