TIRPORT Technologies Connect East and West

In the world, 70% of transportation is done by road. In Turkey, this rate is almost 90%.

As TIRPORT, we conducted a detailed road freight transportation axes study covering Europe-Asia and Africa. We are honored to share the simulation with you.

With its augmented intelligence-supported technologies, we aim to serve 1.5 million truckers as a digital forwarder on the logistics line extending from Asia and Africa to Europe, and to manage over 30 thousand FTL/LTL transports every day in this region.

  • Turkey is less than 3.5 hours away from 67 countries.
  • No matter where in Turkey they are produced, a truck of goods can travel to the remotest part of Europe in just 5 days. (without customs waits)
  • Turkey is also located on one of the world’s most important energy corridors; we sit like a HUB on the North-South, East-West axis.

Wake up Turkey!

It is time to transform this geographical advantage into production, economy and wealth through logistical advantages.

In 2022, foreign direct investment in Brazil amounted to 88 billion dollars. Direct investment in Turkey is not 3.5 billion dollars.

They get more than 20 times more investment in a year than we do!

It is time to wake up and take action!

As Turkey, we live in a great geography…

Have we ever appreciated it?!

I think “NO”.

Located at the transit HUBs of Asia, Europe and Africa, Turkey can reach over 60 countries and 2 billion people with just a 4-hour flight.

Everyone, including China, which alone produces 1/3 of the world’s total production and consumes 1/4 of the world’s total energy, is eager to sell goods to the European market of 750 million people, which includes the world’s most qualified income earners. Turkey is at the bottom of Europe, in the dazzling “NearShore” category. With the pandemic, offshore production is now up for discussion.

A container that reaches Europe from China in 4 weeks at the earliest can reach the UK or Sweden in 1 week from Turkey! (if there are no customs waits/restrictions)

As you can see from the video, the most optimal routes for land and rail transportation on the East-West-South-North axes pass through Turkey.

Turkey is also at the center of energy corridors.

Despite this, we still cannot attract enough foreign capital. (The reasons are obvious, we need to question them well)

You will cry when you see it!

A total of 12.8 billion dollars of foreign capital came to Turkey in 2022. However, most of this investment takes the form of real estate acquisitions and partnerships in existing assets (companies/factories/ports etc.). So there is no investment, unfortunately the actual investment is not even 2 billion dollars 🙁

Meanwhile, Brazil attracted $85 billion in foreign direct investment in 2022 and $50 billion in 2021.

Can you imagine at least 40-50 billion dollars of investment coming to Turkey every year? (I am not talking about selling real estate or assets, I am talking about investment) Within 10 years, we will have a GDP of over 3 trillion dollars and a per capita income of over 25,000 USD. When we include the 12 million foreigners in Turkey, the national income per capita is below 8 thousand USD:(

It is time to recognize and fight together! Let’s not miss this train. We should be the nearshore and production base of Europe. We can’t lose this to anyone.

I hope that this video, which was prepared within TIRPORT , will help you realize Turkey’s potentials and understand its strategic position in the fields of production and logistics.

The analysis is written by Dr. Akin Arslan who is the co-founder and chairman of the board of TIRPORT.