TIRPORT Technologies Make Life Easier for Truckers

TIRPORT Technologies Make Life Easier for Truckers

It is estimated that there is a need for 80 thousand truck drivers in America, and this figure may reach 160,000 in the next ten years if the right solutions are not produced.

The lack of truck drivers makes it difficult to get products from ports and factories to store shelves; This leads to an increase in the prices of various products.

Many people do not choose to be a truck driver because they find the job stressful and do not think that they will earn a satisfactory income in return. This shows us that if the necessary precautions are not taken, it is inevitable that there will be a shortage of truck drivers all over the world in the next 10 years.

In Turkey, there are 1.2 million truck drivers with SRC certificates and trucks of approximately 880 thousand 16 tons and above. Although we seem to have no shortage of truck drivers, the number of qualified and qualified truck drivers who can transport internationally is less than 30 thousand. Although the most basic problem is foreign language, education and accredited certificates are obstacles.

Taking a leading role in the rapid digitalization and transformation of the logistics sector in Turkey, TIRPORT also takes responsibility in training internationally recognized truck drivers.

We can make truck driving attractive by expanding the use of technology in the logistics sector. with TIRPORT;

  • We put technology at the center of trucker training.
  • With our PARAM TIRPORT Card with electronic money infrastructure, we make a difference in freight payments and benefit from discounted fuel opportunities.
  • We reward good performance.
  • We focus on driving and driver safety with our enhanced intelligence supported technologies.
  • We enable one-click e-invoice, e-waybill and UETDS reporting.
  • We enable them to reach the cargo from anywhere they want, with the 24/7 TIRPORT cargoCEPte application.