With its New Service “SSL Link”, TIRPORT Gives Cargo Owners the Opportunity to Monitor Every Stage of the Transport Process, Step by Step, via Mobile Phone

With its New Service “SSL Link”, TIRPORT Gives Cargo Owners the Opportunity to Monitor Every Stage of the Transport Process, Step by Step, via Mobile Phone

Digitizing its logistics management from end to end, TIRPORT continues to produce worldwide digital solutions in logistics operation management and load tracking.

Your loads are safe with TIRPORT technologies.

When a TIRPORT user loads a truck, all the transport information of the load is digitally processed into the system. In addition to the details of the waybill regarding the load, the loading and delivery points, times and conditions are also added to the cargo information. As the truck takes off, TIRPORT generates a secure SSL link specific to that transport, just like the electronic boarding pass of an airplane. When this link is clicked, besides all the waybill information of the cargo, the transportation process can be monitored live. The driver can be contacted via the TIRPORT application, delays etc. You can be instantly informed about the situation.

As a Business waiting for the products it has ordered, you never lose sight of the road, you do not make any effort to reach the trucker by phone every time, and you are instantly informed of the deliveries made to different points. traffic etc. You can be aware of the delays that may arise from the situations in advance and take your precautions.

With its New Service “SSL Link”, TIRPORT Gives Cargo Owners the Opportunity to Monitor Every Stage of the Transport Process, Step by Step, via Mobile Phone

TIRPORT Marketing Director Burcu Kale stated that they have digitized logistics management from end to end with the TIRPORT Cargo Mobile application.

“Logistics is one of the few sectors in the world that is most affected by digitalization. Incredible investments are being made in the digitalization of logistics management all over the world. The number of logistics technologies that have reached the Unicorn (Billion Dollar Valuation) level has exceeded 15. New ones are added every year.

In Turkey, where 92% of the transportation processes are carried out by road, more than 500 thousand trucks receive loads every day, an average of 280 km. doing transport. The daily return money is over 100 Million USD only in shipping processes. Turkey has the largest truck market in Europe.

We saw these developments with AB Plus, our investment company in Turkey, 4 years ago, and realized that the mobile technologies to be developed will definitely pay off in Europe and the MENA region. By directing our investments, we developed TIRPORT, which includes very ambitious technologies not only in Turkey but also in Europe, with its technologies and innovations, and brought it live in 2018.

TIRPORT achieved a great global success in the first year it went live and took part in the world finals where it won the right to be one of the top 20 startups with the potential to become a unicorn among over 7 thousand Startups at the world’s largest Startup competition Create@Alibaba organized by Alibaba Cloud. got it.”

As soon as the truck is loaded, the TIRPORT SSL link is generated

In the TIRPORT system, a secure SSL link is automatically generated as soon as the truck is loaded. The TIRPORT SSL link automatically reaches both the seller and the customer. As soon as the seller and the buyer click on the link, they can follow the truck carrying the load, step by step, on a location-based and live basis. If the truck goes out of the road route determined for it, an “alarm” is immediately generated by the system, and “warning” messages are sent to the owner of the cargo and the customer. Another issue is that there is no longer a need for heavy telephone traffic between sellers, buyers and truckers, as in the past. At the same time, customers can access the digital waybill through the system and check whether the goods they want are loaded on the truck or not.

1% of the goods transported are directly damaged, 4% are damaged by the cargo owner, the annual cumulative loss is over 12 billion TL.

In our country, where 92% of the transportation is done by highways, approximately 500 thousand trucks continue to carry cargo from one place to another every day. In Turkey, Europe’s largest truck market, nearly 850 thousand trucks are on the road and 95% of these trucks are owned by individual truckers. Only 5% of them operate as the own property of logistics companies and manufacturers. Even 10% of the trucks on the roads do not have a vehicle tracking system. As such, approximately 4% of the goods transported may be damaged in some way due to some reasons such as delay or theft. Since the annual size of the transportation sector is around 300 billion TL, 4% loss in logistics can reach 12 billion TL annually. Thanks to the TIRPORT SSL link, it is aimed to prevent the losses caused by the transportation amounting to 12 billion TL per year in logistics.