TIRPORT Candidate to Become the Google of Logistics!

TIRPORT Candidate to Become the Google of Logistics!

TIRPORT is a dynamic solution platform that brings together Cargo Payers and Cargo Carriers in line with their mutual expectations with its mobile-based technologies.

TIRPORT positions itself as the “Google of Logistics”…

Tire, service, engine master etc. that the trucker will need urgently while on the road. services are available to truckers with the TIRPORT “EnYakinda” (www.enyakinda.com) application. This is a service only available on TIRPORT. In TIRPORT, in the near future, it is possible to post a driver, search for a driver, post a vehicle, search for a vehicle, etc. services will be included. In TIRPORT, there will be Sea, Air, Railway integration of the Highway organization, temporary storage optimization in the near future.

With the development of mobile applications and location-based technologies and the spread of application examples in different areas in the market, the logistics sector has also started to benefit from these smart technologies. Coyote, Convoy etc. digital platforms have become popular around the world. With TIRPORT, we aim to lead in defining the future of Logistics in Turkey and Europe, as well as in other regional countries. As “TIRPORT Europe” in Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, EU Countries and Middle East Countries, we will add value to the world logistics sector.

Who is in TIRPORT?

LOADERS: (Forwarding Companies, Factories, Customs Firms, Trade Firms, Retailers…)

LOAD CARRIERS: (Forwarding Companies, Truckers Carrying Cargo as Individuals, Truck Drivers,…)

SERVICE PROVIDERS: ( Tires, Truck Services, Truck Sales Dealers, Special Service and Repairmen, Spare

Parcacilar, Pharmacies on Road Routes, Restaurants, Health Centers, Rest / Break Facilities and many more, .. )