Shaping the Future of Logistics, TIRPORT Brings Logistics Companies to Technology

Shaping the Future of Logistics, TIRPORT Brings Logistics Companies to Technology

In our country, where hundreds of thousands of trucks are loaded every day, the number of trucks that we call ÖZMAL in logistics companies is well below 10%.

This situation makes the management of logistics operations seriously difficult. Because, on the one hand, the material and operational responsibilities imposed on logistics companies by the transportation tenders, which were awarded with important guarantees, and on the other hand, the control risk created by the reinforcement trucks used in the system make the operation even more critical.

More than 2,000 logistics companies in Turkey make an extraordinary effort every day to reach hundreds of “reliable” drivers and vehicles outside their organization and to manage their daily shipments “without any problem”.

For example, suppose that a large logistics company that handles 2,000 shipments per day has its own 400 trucks. This group has to have at least 14-15 thousand approved and registered trucks in its inventory in order to be able to sustain the operation, which is 2 thousand daily loadings. And always ready for duty, reliable, etc. A company in this category has dozens of people on shipping sites just to find new reliable trucks in Turkey. It bears serious costs.

The operation, on the other hand, is carried out in Turkey in the classical sense, mainly through real persons and telephone traffic.

Logistics industry gets real-time and location-based logistics operation management supported by mobile technologies with TIRPORT.

Corporate companies (Transport/Logistics Companies etc.) that are members of TIRPORT now dress their operation managements with TIRPORT CRM & ERP technologies.

For example; Logistics companies get rid of following their operational processes and trucks on the road with phone calls. They can monitor all their operations on their special TIRPORT Corporate Screens:

When and where the cargo was taken,
All waybills, invoices, etc. of the cargo. digital versions of documents,
Where the transport trucks are on the road instantly,
The delay status of the load on the road,
When the load should reach the destination,
How to reach the driver when necessary,
What is the status of the shipping processes on a customer basis,
Whether the delivery processes are carried out as expected,
They will be able to monitor the live and real-time performances of project-based logistics companies that work with them instantly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, and compare them with others.

Advantages of TIRPORT to Member Transport/Logistics Companies:

It puts an end to the classical business structure of the traditional logistics operation management system based on telephone traffic and e-mails. With the support of the digital platform, they can enter the load information into the system in a practical way, and reach the suitable vehicles and reliable and available drivers.
From the TIRPORT Operation Management Screens, which can be customized for each company, you can see when and where the load is taken, where it is on the road instantly, the possible delay of the load on the way and when it should arrive at the destination, you can follow it live, record it, and access the past records at any time. .
Through the TIRPORT Digital Platform, he/she can find a suitable truck at the place and time he/she needs, and can reach the reliable drivers he/she is looking for thanks to the “Performance System” and “Online Safety Research”.
Be informed about the real transportation prices realized on certain lines in the sector.
With the TIRPORT 3D Loading Simulator, you can learn in 5 minutes which type of trucks and crates the cargo to be loaded from the warehouse, port or factory can fit into. can simulate (previously see in 3D).
An authorized person can monitor the installation status on the screen, and be informed of developments and disruptions via instant messages.
If desired, TIRPORT can manage the process using the secure payment system.
Petrol Ofisi, with which TIRPORT has a contract, can get discounted fuel from stations.
It can monitor the shipments of its customers, served by the Freight Forwarding Company, separately on a real-time digital map.
It can keep the historical information of all the transports in the system. It can record all processes related to transportation (including waybills, invoices).
It can create win-win environments with the service providers that are members of the system and benefit from the power of the TIRPORT platform in creating a “Return Load”.
With appropriate smart partial matching, it can reduce logistics costs and make the trucker earn more.
In all kinds of problems, you can get support from the TIRPORT Call Center (0850 TIRPORT) 24/7.