TIRPORT Now on your iPad!

TIRPORT Now on your iPad!

With the TIRPORT Corporate iPad Application, logistics managers can now easily monitor all their operations from their iPads. You can download the application right now and enjoy the advantages of the TIRPORT Platform with a free membership.

TIRPORT Corporate App

Rising star of digitalized logistics management: TIRPORT

In today’s world where digitalization is increasing rapidly, real-time and location-based applications, which started with UBER and become more effective with smart phones and the internet of things, are spreading to all sectors.

The rapid development in the logistics sector draws attention…

It is now very critical to reach field data instantly and to touch their operations at any moment, both for manufacturers and owners, and for logistics companies that transport their products to targeted locations. In the logistics sector, where profitability is on the edge, it is equally important to increase efficiency and minimize losses.

The Freight Owner, who cannot follow his cargo after delivering it in the traditional logistics system, can now track his contracted carrier, on a real-time and location-based basis, by using TIRPORT’s CRM and ERP infrastructure, and can monitor the waybill, approvals and invoice flow from the system.

Cargo owner; factory, importer, exporter and Freight Forwarders;

When and where the cargo was taken,
Where you are instantly on the road,
The delay status of the load on the road,
When the load should reach the destination,
How to reach the driver when necessary,
with a single click, they can watch live, record and carry out their work safely from their own CRM & ERP screens.
In all kinds of problems, they can get support from the 24/7 TIRPORT Call Center (0850 TI RPORT).

With the interactive corporate application developed by TIRPORT specifically for iPads, the managers of the companies in charge of logistics operations are given the opportunity to manage, monitor and intervene when necessary, from wherever they are.

Digital Infrastructure Platform of Loaders, Logistics Companies, Cooperatives, Forwarding Companies and Truckers: TIRPORT

TIRPORT Platform and the TIRPORT Mobile Application offered to Truckers within the scope of the platform, and TIRPORT CRM & ERP Operation Management Screens offered exclusively to the Logistics Operations Units; It went live with a free membership at the end of 2016, after an intensive development for 3 years, taking into account all the needs of our logistics industry.

Truckers can become a member of the system free of charge, upon the approval of their official driver’s documents, from the TIRPORT Mobile Application that they download to their smartphones.

Loaders, on the other hand, can become a member free of charge, upon approval of their official documents, directly on the WEB (https://sube.tir-port.com/index.php/ ) or from the newly launched TIRPORT iPad Corporate Application.

Click on the link to access the TIRPORT Corporate iPad Application immediately:

TIRPORT Corporate App