TIRPORT 2. Meeting with Participants at the International Informatics and Logistics Conference

TIRPORT Meets with Participants at the 2nd International Informatics and Logistics Conference

The “2nd International Informatics and Logistics Conference” will be held in Ankara on May 25-26 with the theme of “Strong Logistics with Informatics”. The conference organized by Turkish Informatics Association Ankara Branch, Atılım University, Ankara Logistics Base and International Transporters Association will bring together the leading individuals, institutions and organizations of the “informatics and logistics” sector. TBD Ankara Branch President Nurcan SUNAY stated that Turkey’s being a regional base in logistics, reducing logistics costs, improving trade and increasing competitiveness will be discussed at the Informatics and Logistics Conference. He emphasized the importance of using technology, especially information technologies, so that logistics companies can compete fully in the global arena.

At the conference, topics such as Developments in Information Technologies Related to Transportation, Internet of Things, Big Data, Transformation in Industry and how to use systems more efficiently will be shared with the participants.

Ministry of Customs and Trade, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ankara Customs Brokers Association, Okan University, PTT, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Institutions and organizations such as Railways Transport Association (DTD), TIRPORT , ORACLE, DATAMIND, MOSS Software, DOA Software, 6A and FOKUS Life Academy support.


Turkish Informatics Association; Since its establishment in 1971, it is a public benefit association with 12 thousand members trying to spread the “Information Culture” with its member structure from all layers of the society. It aims to contribute to the creation of an internationally competitive production sector with its qualified manpower, and that our country is a country that produces technology, can use its resources effectively and efficiently, and can use technology to improve the quality of life of the society. Ankara Branch, on the other hand, was established in 2008 and with approximately 9000 members, it is the branch of the Association with the highest number of members.

Atılım University; International Trade and Logistics Department, Civil Aviation School and Computer Engineering departments, taking into account the sectoral developments and demands in international trade, logistics, informatics and civil air transportation, provide the human resources needed by the industry, competent, strong in analysis and synthesis ability, and communication in a foreign language. It aims to train students who can establish a vision, who can work in the national and international arena, and who can work in an application-oriented manner. In addition to raising human resources for the sector, Atılım University also aims to be beneficial to the sector and the society we live in with scientific studies and research projects.

Ankara Logistics Base; It is Turkey’s first international logistics base and was established by 45 international shipping companies, most of which are based in Ankara, to open the foreign trade of the Ankara region and our country to the world markets. Taking into account the geographical and commercial importance of the region, the needs of the sector and the intense demands from the sector, it continues its activities as a result of efforts to create advantage and unity in global competition and as a joint venture.

International Transporters Association (UND); It was established in 1974 with the identity of a professional organization by sector representatives who came together to solve all kinds of problems of the Turkish land transport sector on national and international platforms. International Transport and Logistics sector; It continues its activities today with the main aim of making it a leader in the Turkish economy and a competitive sector in the world.

Conference Program: UBLK