The Rise of Digital Freight Forwarders (DFFs)

Digital freight forwarding is transforming the logistics industry by making it more efficient and easier to track and manage shipments. By automating many of the tasks of a freight forwarder, digital freight forwarders are able to provide their clients with real-time tracking of their shipments, real-time reporting and Proof Of Deliveries (PODs) as well as access to a host of other data that can help them manage their supply chains more effectively.

In addition to providing their clients with more efficient service, digital freight forwarders are also able to offer competitive pricing by leveraging the power of technology. By using data to identify trends and optimize shipping routes, digital freight forwarders can often offer their clients significant savings on their shipping costs.

While digitalization can be a popular term, it could be broken down into several key benefits:

  • Instant or very quick quotes for shipping
  • Ease of tracking
  • An easy way to contact any load-owner company by using a SuperApp like TIRPORT
  • Secure and rapid payment
  • Utilization of various systems, including Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered tools to better utilize the network of trucks they have at hand.

European road freight market is a very fragmented where the largest companies have little market share (less than %5) due to the sheer amount of small to medium-size enterprises that operate throughout the continent, digital freight forwarders can disrupt the market by uniting the smaller players with a broad network of trucks. According to Eurostat data, at the end of 2021, there were approximately 600 thousand road transport companies registered in the European Union (EU), showcasing just how fragmented the market is.

As the logistics industry continues to evolve, digital freight forwarders are likely to play an increasingly important role in helping businesses manage their supply chains more effectively. With their ability to provide real-time tracking and data-driven insights, digital freight forwarders can help businesses save time and money and improve their overall operations.