Logistics Bridge of the Future: TIRPORT

Logistics Bridge of the Future: TIRPORT

We set out with 2 Thousand Logistics companies to be a bridge for 850 Thousand trucks and their drivers.

Turkey’s logistics load is transported by land at a rate of 92% and 900 thousand truck/TIR loads are carried out every day. Now the industry has a companion to help and support this heavy workload. TIRPORT!

TIRPORT is coming to power logistics as a bridge to the information flow of the industry in road transport!

What makes TIRPORT unique in the first place, with its many benefits to the logistics sector; TIRPORT is a “bridge platform”; and it will always be like this by declaring in the social contract.

TIRPORT is a visionary platform, its vision is to be a service bridge for logistics and transporters as well as truck and TIR drivers. With this vision, the TIRPORT platform provides a strong and impartial digital information flow between logistics/transport companies and truck/TIR drivers. Thus, TIRPORT is taking firm steps towards its goal of becoming the “Future of Logistics” both locally and in the world market for those it has built a bridge with.

When it comes to serving the logistics sector, it is imperative that the structure that undertakes to provide this service is not also a logistics/transport company and declares that it will never be! This attitude is the most vital vein of serving with an impartiality that covers the sector completely. This is a pioneering step where TIRPORT makes a difference and the logistics industry is aware of this!

If explained with an example; We can compare the restaurants that are members of YemekSepeti to Logistics/Transportation companies that are members of TIRPORT . Just as Yemeksepeti.com cannot open a restaurant or chain of restaurants within its own structure and direct the orders received to its own restaurants, a structure that aims to serve as a platform and a bridge for the logistics sector can never have an infrastructure that would disrupt impartiality for its own benefit, and cannot direct the loads to its own shipping company. At this point, TIRPORT is unrivaled in the Turkish market, it is the first and the only strong service provider with its visionary structure.