Electric Trucks Coming with Tesla “Semi”

Electric Trucks Coming with Tesla "Semi"

Tesla introduced the electric powered TIR, Semi .

Governments around the world are making ambitious plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars. This targeted decarbonized transportation system will only be possible with the production of electrically powered utility vehicles that can operate in a range of industries, such as Tesla ‘s truck “Semi” .

Tesla ‘s heavy-duty vehicle (HGV) highlights the growing capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs) to offer more than just short, urban journeys. It is claimed that Semi can tow a 40-ton semi-trailer for 800 km (from London to Edinburgh comfortably) on a single charge.

Tesla isn’t the only player with the electric freight vehicle concept. Los Angeles-based Thor Trucks, Daimler and Volkswagen also introduced their own electric freight vehicles. But the ambitious 2019 production target makes Tesla a more dominant prospect than any other player in the industry.

While the press has claimed that the Semi has mega-charging capability that contradicts the laws of physics, big companies are caught up in the sunny landscape that comes with Elon Musk ‘s innovations. Taking steps to reduce its emissions , Walmart has already pre-ordered 15 Semis . Shipping firm UPS , which already uses small electric trucks in some cities, has placed a pre-order for 125 vehicles, the largest number to date.

Considering the current pollution of highway environments, electric vehicles promise an indisputable improvement. However, the exponential increase in the number of electric vehicles can only benefit the fight against human-induced climate change by decarbonizing all energy systems. For the electricity future to be sustainable, these emission-free vehicles will need to be powered predominantly by decarbonized electricity generation.

Source: Drax