Technology Increases Efficiency in the Logistics Industry

Technology Increases Efficiency in the Logistics Industry

90% of the transportation in our country is done by road. Road transport is directly or indirectly related to all sectors. When this is the case, any problem experienced in the transportation processes can affect all sectors. The timely and complete delivery of the transported goods in accordance with the expectations of the customers is the sine qua non of logistics in today’s world.

It is possible to increase efficiency and ensure its sustainability by minimizing the problems experienced in road transport by using the power of technology. With its technologies, TIRPORT enables logistics companies and cargo owners to manage their operations from one end to the other, on the other hand, it brings together truckers with suitable and ready cargoes through the TIRPORT application.

With TIRPORT, cargo owners and logistics companies;

  • They can monitor the entire transportation process of the products they send to their customers, have real-time, location-based control of the download-unloading processes, and can intervene immediately in case of any problem.
  • They can manage their operations from a single point, monitor all processes of their operations in real time, control them more effectively, analyze their data more healthily and optimize their workflows.
  • They can monitor the performance of their drivers and measure their profitability and efficiency on a truck basis.
  • They can find spot loads on TIRPORT for the fleet trucks that will have to return empty. Thus, while increasing their profitability by using the trucks in their fleet more efficiently, they can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the empty km rate of their vehicles.
  • They gain the power to manage their documents digitally. Cargo owners and logistics companies instantly access the digital copy of the transport documents when the trucker receives the cargo.
  • They can access all historical transportation data and trucker information 24/7 and get the reports they want.
  • They can pre-define the mandatory routes that their trucks traveling abroad must follow, the points where they must not stop, and report illegal movements and violations.
  • TIRPORT can be easily integrated into existing ERP structures. With TIRPORT, they can make their cargo entries in bulk and speed up their workflow by saving their regular loads.

On the other hand, truckers;

  • They can easily reach the loads suitable for the characteristics of their vehicles at any place and time. In this way, the idle time of the trucks is reduced, they do not have to wait at the facilities to find loads, they can plan their own working time.
  • One of the biggest problems of truckers is returning empty-handed from the city they go to. With TIRPORT, truckers can organize their return load, plan their time more efficiently, reduce their expenses, and spare more time for themselves and their families.