Driver Friend! Return Your load is in your pocket with TIRPORT!

Driver Friend! Return Your load is in your pocket with TIRPORT!


The ordeal of our truck and truck drivers to find the return load ends with the TIRPORT mobile application. TIRPORT solves the endless return load of our drivers before they even set off!

Approximately 1.5 million people in Turkey earn their living directly from truck driving. Out of every 10 trucks on the market, 9 are the personal property of the drivers, and 1 belong to the transport companies. Considering that 92% of the transportation in Turkey is done by road and 900 thousand trucks are loaded every day, a picture of the heavy load on the shoulders of our drivers in the logistics sector, both materially and morally, will emerge.

The financial and moral burden of our drivers is not limited to this 92% heavy road logistics traffic. In Turkey, where fuel is very expensive compared to other countries in the world, a truck waits an average of 2.5 days in a city to find a return load. It takes 7 days for international flights. Both the financial burden of expensive fuel and the expenses of these waiting are on the shoulders of our drivers. In order to find a return load as soon as possible, to prevent financial damage and to reunite with the families they left behind as soon as possible, the drivers sometimes pass in front of the load boards for days in the truck and TIR parks and wait for a suitable load for their own truck/TIR. In the hope of finding a return load, aside from the increase in the fatigue and suffering of the drivers as the days go by, this unfavorable situation also damages both the drivers and the logistics sector as a great time cost, loss of workforce and accommodation costs.

Seeing that the solution to all the negativities and damages caused by the search for return load with these traditional methods is through the flow of information, TIRPORT brings a solution to this blood loss of the sector with its digital information platform! With the TIRPORT Pocket application, the ordeal of all our drivers in the sector to find a suitable return load for their vehicles is resolved before they set off. The return load is ready in the pocket at the beginning of the road. With the TIRPORT application, the drivers can see all possible return loads suitable for their own trucks/TIRs in the destination city where they carry the load, while they are still on the road, and can submit the appropriate transportation offer through the TIRPORT mobile application in order to receive the return load they want. The drivers, who quickly get their return loads, get rid of the hassle of waiting in the truck / TIR parks and reduce the loss of time and accommodation costs.

Not only truck/truck drivers but the whole industry profits from the ease of finding return loads. With the TIRPORT website, our transporters get rid of the time and phone traffic they spend to find the right driver and suitable vehicle to transport their loads. Now, they can see and select trucks or TIRs that are suitable for their load and suitable for their load on the TIRPORT web page, and they can effortlessly send their load offers to all suitable and reliable drivers who are members of the system with a single click.

All our happy, peaceful and less tired drivers who are members of the system guarantee the return load at the beginning of their journey to deliver their first load. We call it “loadCEPte”! The load is in the pocket of all our drivers with the TIRPORT application!

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