Smart Technologies Transform Logistics

Smart Technologies Transform Logistics

Cargo owners and Logistics Companies can manage their transportation operations end-to-end with location-based technologies owned by TIRPORT, and receive real-time, location-based reporting on loading-transport and unloading processes.

TIRPORT can be easily integrated into existing ERP structures, allowing all your operations to be managed intelligently from mobile.

With the classic vehicle tracking system, you can only follow the trucks with the device you own, whereas with TIRPORT, you can monitor both the load and the entire transportation process end-to-end, and you can also track the trucks without the vehicle tracking system that you supply from the spot, moment by moment, and manage the transportation processes.

You can access all your historical transportation data and trucker information digitally 24/7, get the reports you want, and be instantly informed about the problems that may occur in the transportation processes.

With TIRPORT’s analytical business solutions and data science approaches, you can perform efficiency analyzes on the basis of customers, lines and fleets, and capture your areas of improvement.

We invite you to meet TIRPORT for an effective, efficient, predictable and sustainable logistics operation management.

TIRPORT brings the technologies of the future to your pocket…