Sennder Becomes a Unicorn by Receiving $160 Million Investment

Berlin-based startup Sennder received an investment of 160 million USD. Among the investors they invested in in round D are Accel, Lakestar, HV Capital, Project A and Scania. In a statement, the company said that former investors continue their investments, confirming their confidence in our company’s business model and the direction we are moving.

As a result, the Logistics venture has surpassed one billion USD valuation and earned the right to call itself Unicorn. David Nothacker, CEO and co-founder of the company; “We are very proud that Sendder’s mission and vision has become a reality.” “We are now one of the specific actors of the industry, we have reached the level of well-established companies in the logistics sector,” he said.

Founded in 2015, Sennder offers an all-inclusive program for logistics companies. The software also performs route optimization, among other services. More than 10,000 vehicles are on the road with Sennder. The initiative has 800 employees. Ten of the German DAX30 companies use Sennder’s services.

A portion of 100 million USD of the investment will be allocated to the development of technology and growth. Sennder plans to spend the remaining $60 million on rapid expansion.