Logistics 4.0 Period Started at Ekol

'Logistics 4.0' Era Begins at Ekol

Mosul, Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave information about Ekol’s new ‘Logistics 4.0’ strategy and said, “Industry 4.0 offers endless opportunities from the producer to the end consumer.”

Ekol Logistics changed its traditional business models with the “Logistics 4.0” strategy. Aiming to offer integrated, flexible and effective solutions to its customers in this way, Ekol also aims to achieve a significant cost advantage. Providing information about Ekol’s new ‘Logistics 4.0’ strategy and its renewed face, Ekol Chairman of the Board Ahmet Musul said, “Industry 4.0 also offers endless opportunities for the logistics industry, which covers all the processes of a product from the first producer to the final consumer. In other words, the 7 lines of logistics are being reshaped,” he said.

Ekol Logistics Operates in 15 Countries
The company operates in 15 countries, including Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary and Spain. In addition to its distribution center of 750 thousand square meters, the company, which carries out Intermodal transportation, has block trains that make 48 trips per week. The company, which has six Ro-Ro ships, has a fleet of 5,500 vehicles.