Over 50s, representing 25% of the population, rule the country

Over 50s, representing 25% of the population, rule the country

How is it that the age group representing 25% of our population has been ruling 75% for years! A classic of Turkey…

In many leading companies in Turkey and around the world, the age of senior executives responsible for “execution” is now below 55. The big majority is between 35-45.

In most Fortune 500 companies, the leaders of critical customer-facing teams are only 26-32 years old.

“Data Science” is very prominent in new generation companies, especially e-commerce companies. The average age of Data Scientist teams in these companies is below 27.

Most of the founders of startups that exceed $100 million valuation are under the age of 30. In our leading institutionalized holdings such as Koç and Sabancı, there are upper age bands of 55-60 years for senior managers.

According to TUIK data; Turkey’s population;

  • 45.10% under the age of 30
  • 67.71% under the age of 45
  • 74.23% under the age of 50

Look at the dire situation of those who are candidates to govern the country!

I’m 52 years old. I am proud to say that our average age at TIRPORT is 27.2. All but two of my fellow managers are under 30. I am very happy to work with young people and give them a chance. We have young people whose talents we have caught while they were still in high school and made them computer engineers.

I don’t even want to see anyone at the 50+ level as a candidate to govern the country. Are they the only ones left in this country?!

I’m sorry.

We and those born earlier than us have made this country what it is. The result is obvious, unfortunately we are very unsuccessful.

Let’s give young people a chance, let’s see them.

Those who have been MPs for one term, two terms, three terms, they are candidates again and they can say “I am the future of the youth”! I’m sorry, who are you, what have you done and what are you running for?! Let the young people have the opportunity… You cannot represent them.

We have a disease of office. You don’t leave office without dying or becoming a victim of intrigue. There is probably no other example in the world. Whatever mystery is in that seat, no one can leave it. The head of the chamber, the head of the association, even the head of the housing estate does not want to leave office.

There is probably no other example of a country in the world where an official salary of approximately 1,500 USD is paid and the state pays for a 150-200 thousand USD office car! Which European country has this reign?!

Our hope lies in the youth, to whom Atatürk entrusted the Young Republic of Turkey, but whom we have always ignored. We don’t give them a chance. The 25% age group cannot and should not govern the 75%.

It is also time to abandon the distractions of “Youth Branches” and “Women Branches” in political parties. It cannot be an activity in the sense of “you guys hang around here”. We must give our seats directly to the youth and women.