Dispatchtrack, Last-Mile Logistics Startup, Raised $144M in First Round of Funding

Dispatchtrack, Last-Mile Logistics Startup, Raised $144M in First Round of Funding

The new generation E-Commerce Logistics technology, which we have started to see as “Last-Mile Delivery” in the Logistics Industry for the last few years, continues to draw attention. Dispatchtrack, a Last-Mile Logistics Startup, managed to raise $144M in its first funding round.

E-commerce is growing rapidly in the world with COVID-19. This period has revealed the fact that there is a need for e-commerce services and fast and reliable delivery more than ever.

Consumers are shopping online at unprecedented levels and their items are brought straight to their homes. Retailers need web-based platforms that can help them manage, sell and bring their goods to these people, and these platforms are now becoming the only way to do business. Companies that help make these transactions go double.

“Last-Mile Delivery”, which is not yet in full use in Turkish, is basically like the backstage of E-Ticaret. It refers to the micro-distribution processes just before the product is delivered to you. Although we can assign a concept such as “Last-Kilometer Logistics” in Turkish to this process, we cannot express it fully.

DispatchTrack, which provides a platform to help companies emulate Amazon-like experiences by scheduling and tracking deliveries more easily for last-mile deliveries, managed to receive an investment of 144 million dollars. DispatchTrack, which makes distribution optimization of more than 60 million deliveries per year, will expand its operation with this investment.

Spectrum Equity , which made the entire investment alone, seems to aim to have a say in this field in the future.

DispatchTrack was founded in 2010 in San Jose as a family business by an Indian couple. Satish Natarajan (CEO) and Shailu Satish (COO) were working in technology. The couple were worried that the home-delivery processes of the products they bought with e-commerce were very bad.

DispatchTrack today works with both retail and wholesale companies in a variety of industries, including furniture and appliances businesses, food distributors, healthcare companies, consumer retailers and construction suppliers. They want to be part of the DispatchTrack organization to deliver their services to their customers more effectively.

The platform has physical storefronts, warehouses, drivers, and ecosystems targeting end customers. DispatchTracker is a logistics management platform that brings all of them together with its technology and provides communication between them. No business in the chain needs to be primarily a technologist. They surrender themselves to DispatchTracker’s expertise, performing only the assigned tasks during the delivery process.

The DispatchTrack platform covers many competencies such as operations routing and planning, communication with customers, communication with drivers and cargo officers (via mobile app), invoicing, data analytics and multi-channel order tracking.

These services account for 41% of all supply chain costs. This cost was also perceived as an opportunity by DispatchTracker and this business model was developed. That’s why many companies like DispatchTrack provide tools to meet these needs. In the sector where Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Amazon and many logistics giants provide ERP software to retailers, DispatchTrack has succeeded in making a difference with the solutions it has presented. With the business models it has introduced, it has been able to produce special solutions for its customers, and has focused only on “correct, on time and perfect” delivery without competing with the big ones.

Dispatchtrack, Last-Mile Logistics Startup, Raised $144M in First Round of Funding

Natarajan, founder of DispatchTracker, said in a statement; “We are delighted to partner with Spectrum Equity at this new stage of our growth,” he said. ” he said. “With Spectrum’s support, we will continue our fast-paced innovation drive and be able to bring best-in-class solutions to more businesses, industries and geographies.”

Vic Parker, Spectrum Equity Senior Management, said in a statement; “We will support DispatchTrack in creating practical and powerful products to understand, configure, scale and solve complex delivery problems,” he said. In the continuation of the statement; He stated that the DispatchTrack platform offers extremely valuable solutions for businesses that see optimizing their delivery processes as a strategic imperative.

Parker and Spectrum Vice President Adam Gassin are also on the board of DispatchTrack on behalf of Spectrum with this investment.

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Source: https://techcrunch.com/2020/05/12/dispatchtrack-a-last-mile-logistics-platform-raises-144m-in-its-first-ever-funding/