Logistics is Moving to Industry 4.0 with TIRPORT

Logistics Moves to Industry 4.0 with TIRPORT

Turkey, where 92% of the transportation is done by road, does not seem to lose its leadership as Europe’s largest truck market.

It is predicted that the 2017 turnover of the Logistics Sector in our country, where approximately 900 thousand trucks are loaded every day, will be in the range of 110 to 140 billion USD. The most important share in this turnover, with a rate of approximately 58%, will again be in road transport.

Road transport created an economy of 59.74 billion USD in 2016. The daily hot money in the sector reached 500 million TL.

One of the most important distinguishing features of the Turkish Truck market; 9 out of 10 trucks on the roads are owned by individuals. Trucking is the bread boat in Turkey. In Turkey, the truck ownership of the logistics companies, called “Ozmal”, is below 5%. The load is on the backs of Anatolia-based truckers.

Our Logistics Industry is both rapidly digitalizing and preparing itself for Industry 4.0 at the same time as the world.

With the rapid spread of location-based and real-time applications with smartphones, the new economy, which is described as “Uberization”, has begun to enter all areas of our lives as a part of Industry 4.0.

Truckers, who once watched the load boards in truck parks and shipping garages to find suitable cargo, can now access suitable loads for them whenever and wherever they want with the applications on their smart phones. .

The application that comes to the fore in this sense in Turkey and attracts the attention of the main actors in the sector in a short time is TIRPORT.

With its technologies and innovative business models, TIRPORT has attracted the attention of leading logistics companies and large holdings in Turkey, as well as world logistics giants such as Maersk.

Logistics Operations Management solutions offered by TIRPORT; It offers end-to-end integrated solutions from factories to retailers, from logistics companies to transport cooperatives, from warehouses to cargo companies. By integrating truckers into the system with its mobile application, it brings their trucks together with suitable loads with the power of artificial intelligence.

TIRPORT offers the industry the opportunity to catch Industry 4.0 standards with “real-time, location-based and smart management screens”.

What logistics giants define as the “Digitization Year of Logistics”; In the world of 2017, where technology giants such as UBER and Amazon are making investment decisions in the logistics sector, it seems that being able to provide solutions that meet the global digital transformation needs will make a difference in the near future.