Logistics Sector Gets Uber with TIRPORT

Logistics Industry Goes Uber with TIRPORT

The logistics industry is catching up with the ‘digital transformation’ era with TIRPORT. Bringing logistics companies and truckers together on its digital platform, TIRPORT invites the industry to an important ‘digital transformation’ opportunity with the slogan “loadCEPte”.
TIRPORT, which has Uberized logistics in recent months and has been on the agenda of the sector with the slogan of “load in mobile”, is on its way to become the first billion-dollar StartUp from Turkey with its innovative business model that brings together the parties of logistics on mobile phones.

Business model in logistics, “Uberizing”

Turkey’s StartUp, TIRPORT, offers the logistics industry the opportunity to “Uberize” and catch up with the era with its digital technology solutions. In recent years, the concept of “Uberization” has come up heavily. Uberization is rapidly attracting old traditional structures to mobilize, a location-based and real-time business model. Those who succeed in this transformation not only have direct access to millions of users, but also provide an undeniable gain in administrative expenses. In summary, TIRPORT, the StartUp of our country, is ready to open the door of the digital world to the logistics industry.

Teenagers have a smartphone usage rate of 93%

The new generation of communication has started to give birth to its own “digital marketplaces” and “StartUps” that discover and realize these rich potentials. Our country is one of the most suitable countries to achieve success with this new global wind. The young dynamic population, the exponentially increasing use of the internet and smart phones provide a remarkable infrastructure. As a matter of fact, according to the latest research data, Turkey ranks first in the “increase” in smartphone and internet usage in the world. Our young population has a great influence on this high increase graph. According to the data of the PEW research center, the rate of smartphone usage among young people aged 18-34 in Turkey is 93%. While smartphone usage was 13% in 2012 data, it is approaching 60% in 2016 and continues to increase exponentially.

9 out of 10 trucks in the industry are privately owned

In the Turkish logistics sector, the self-owned ratio is below 10%. In other words, 9 out of every 10 trucks/trucks that companies work with are privately owned. It is difficult to manage to find ready and reliable truckers at any time in the industry where approximately 900 thousand shipments are made every day. On the TIRPORT platform, the “need of finding trucks that are reliable and ready to work”, which is the vital need of logistics companies, is solved, while the “need of finding loads” of truckers is solved with a few clicks in the TIRPORT mobile application. Logistics companies find the “trucks” digitally and truckers find the “load” digitally.

“Digitalization of Logistics” in the World

The logistics industry is emerging as the rising star of digital transformation. In 2016, many world giant logistics companies such as MAERSK and UPS either started to develop digital transformation solutions within their own organization or bought startups that have proven their success in this field. For example, in August 2016, UPS acquired America’s web-based logistics broker Coyote, which acts as an intermediary for 30,000 shipments per day, for $1.8 billion. In addition, even Amazon, one of the world giants that has proven itself in e-commerce at the end of 2016, announced that it will take place as an actor in this change and transformation in the logistics sector. Again in the world, by creating the “call me an Uber” paradigm, the Uber company, which has become a part of our lives in more than 600 cities and reached a market value of 60 billion USD in just 5 years, has also decided to invest in the logistics sector.