Logistics Industry Operate More Efficient with the Solutions Developed by Technology Startups

Sabah Newspaper Technology and Entrepreneurship Writer Timur Back also gave place to TIRPORT in his article titled “Managing data is no longer a problem”.

TIR Waiting Time Decreases by 43%

The LOGISTICS sector works more efficiently with the solutions developed by technology startups. With its technologies, Tırport enables both logistics companies, manufacturers and truckers to carry out their current workflow processes more effectively. Tırport, which is among the three leading digital platforms in logistics in Europe, increases efficiency in logistics operations management by more than 80 percent, while reducing truckers’ waiting times for return loads by 43 percent. The application also allows real-time and location-based monitoring and management of logistics operations. Stating that they are guiding the digital transformation of the logistics sector with Tırport’s digital solutions, Tırport Board Member Responsible for Marketing Burcu Kale said, “90% of the transportation in Turkey, where 859 thousand trucks are on the road, is done by roads. One third of the 450 thousand FTL transportation in our country in a day. As contracted transportation, 300,000 shipments take place in the spot market,” he said.

37% Returns Blank

Informing that 95 percent of the 859 thousand trucks on the roads belong to individuals, Kale said, “A domestic truck waits for two and a half days to find a new load. And 37 percent of them have to return empty. On the other hand, 82 percent of our trucks going to Europe. “This situation not only affects truck drivers’ budgets negatively, but also increases carbon emissions, which is the main cause of global warming.” Emphasizing that they lead the end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics industry in order to reduce waiting times in the industry, increase efficiency and ensure sustainability, Kale said, “While the logistics company, which transports 2,500-3 thousand trucks per day, manages its operation with a team of approximately 200-250 people; He can manage more effectively and efficiently with one person,” he said.

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Managing data is no longer a problem – TİMUR SIRT (sabah.com.tr)