Logistics Companies Use TIRPORT for Operational Management

Logistics Companies Use TIRPORT for Operational Management

Logistics companies prefer TIRPORT, which leads the end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics industry in operation management.

5 reasons why TIRPORT is preferred by logistics companies;

1. The power to digitally manage and report all shipping operations end-to-end

With TIRPORT, logistics companies can monitor the entire transportation process of the products they send to their customers, have real-time, location-based control of unloading and unloading processes, and can intervene immediately in case of any problem.

They can manage their logistics operations in different parts of the world from a single point from CEP (iOS/Android) and WEB to end-to-end, as well as have their customers watch the transportation process of their products live.

With truckers with TIRPORT, they can create reliable trucker pools and manage your operation in real time.

They can make sound predictions by accessing all kinds of reports they need regarding their operational processes based on real-time data.

2. Increased efficiency and reduced operating costs

With TIRPORT’s real-time and end-to-end visibility, logistics companies not only facilitate their daily operations; They have the opportunity to evaluate their operations multidimensionally, to see and analyze delays, disruptions and inefficiencies in a timely manner. Thus, they can see the losses in their ongoing operations on time, reduce their workload and error rates by optimizing their operations, and reduce their costs by improving their workforce planning.

They reduce waiting and losses with the power of digital document management. All product delivery processes are carried out smoothly and accurately with TIRPORT’s digitalized approval mechanisms.

By evaluating the performance of their drivers, they measure their profitability and efficiency on a truck basis.

They can find spot loads on TIRPORT for the fleet trucks that will have to return empty. They increase their profitability by using the trucks in their fleet more efficiently by reducing empty miles.

3. Security

Safety is the number one priority for logistics companies, so they want to work with truckers they trust, who they have transported before and have no problems during the transportation process. Documents of truck drivers with TIRPORT are verified, fully and digitally recorded. TIRPORT offers logistics companies the opportunity to work with truckers with high performance by examining the performance of truckers. How many transports, loading and unloading performances of truckers have made so far at TIRPORT are recorded on the “performance card”. The system automatically scores the loading and unloading performances. Cargo owners also show whether they are satisfied with the service by scoring truckers. At TIRPORT, high-performance truckers are also approved by the cargo owners.

For logistics companies, the timely and complete delivery of transportation processes is extremely important for customer satisfaction and their reputation in the sector. With TIRPORT technologies, they have instant information about the entrances and exits to the loading and unloading points, waiting on the road and delay situations. TIRPORT technologies do not allow truckers to upload their transport documents to the application before they reach the loading and unloading points. Thus, logistics companies know that both their cargo and transport documents are safe.

4. Giving their customers a better customer experience

Logistics companies offer digital channels to their customers about the status of their cargo with TIRPORT. They increase the trust of their customers by providing live shipment tracking opportunities to their customers.

With TIRPORT, logistics companies enable their customers to monitor the transportation process of their products live and access their waybills and invoices; all they have to do is to share TIRPORT’s secure SSL link specific to transport with their customers. When the truck of the trucker with TIRPORT is loaded, all the transport information of the load is digitally processed into the system. Loading and delivery points, loading and unloading times and conditions are added to the cargo information as well as the details of the waybill regarding the cargo. While the truck is on its way, TIRPORT generates a secure SSL link specific to that transport. When this link is clicked, besides all the waybill information of the cargo, the transportation process can be monitored live. Thus, logistics companies provide a better customer experience by showing that they care about their customers.

5. Easy to integrate with all platforms

TIRPORT can be easily integrated into existing ERP structures. Logistics companies can easily integrate TIRPORT into their existing ERP systems and provide seamless information flow in their supply chains.