The Era of “Mobile” Management in Logistics Begins…

The Era of “Mobile” Management in Logistics Begins

TIRPORT ‘s Application ” TIRPORT Corporate”, specially developed for Logistics Managers, which will allow to manage logistics operations from mobile phones, is now on Smart Phones…

Europe’s and Turkey’s logistics startup TIRPORT continues to create value with its innovations for the logistics industry, which generates 150 Billion TL annually.

In our country, where 92% of transportation is done by road, 900 thousand trucks receive loads every day. Turkey’s largest 5 logistics companies load more than 2,500 trucks per day on average. To manage these operations, they employ hundreds of people, each in their operations centers and shipping sites.

Delays, faulty shipments, problems and thefts have now turned into a state of paranoia in logistics companies. There is an economic loss of at least 30 Billion TL per year due to these inefficiency and losses alone. The unregistered tax loss of the state is over 50 billion TL.

With its high-tech solutions, TIRPORT enables the actors of the sector to save millions of TL every year. It enables much safer shipments with fewer men.

Carrying the Logistics Industry to Industry 4.0, TIRPORT enables logistics companies and cargo owners to effectively manage their existing logistics operations.

It keeps the system under control at all times with its artificial intelligence supported business models and smart phone applications for truckers.

The Era of “Mobile” Management in Logistics Begins

Corporate companies that are members of TIRPORT can monitor their loading plans, their loads in the loading phase-on-road-unloading phase instantly, location-based and live, from the Dashboards in front of them. It can be instantly aware of its malfunctions, and can intervene at every stage of the operation. It can be warned in advance of possible delays, and it can supply instant truck needs through the system in case of emergency.

By integrating truckers into the system with the TIRPORT-YükCepte Application, TIRPORT has created for the first time in the world, the opportunity for Freight Payers to manage their loads and all logistics operations from their Mobile Phones and to intervene in all processes instantly from their mobile phones with the TIRPORT Corporate Application.

Logistics Managers will now be able to do all the operations they can do from their desktop computers and laptops on their mobile phones with the TIRPORT Corporate Application that they can download to their Smartphones and Ipads.

The Era of “Mobile” Management in Logistics Begins
With the TIRPORT Corporate Application on their phones;

  • All membership processes,
  • They will be able to make new load entries,
  • They will be able to follow the loading-transporting-unloading stages step by step,
  • They will be able to approve the completed transports,
  • They will be able to check the documents from their mobile phone.

Continuing to be the choice of Turkey’s leading logistics companies and major manufacturers, TIRPORT continues to break new ground with the mobile technologies it has developed for the logistics industry.