Load Finder App - TIRPORT yukCEPte

TIRPORT yukCEPte is Turkey’s Number One Load Finder Application

TIRPORT yukCEPte is a FREE mobile phone load finder application that allows truck and HGV owners or drivers to quickly access available loads from their smartphones at any time and place.

Benefits of TIRPORT yukCEPte (Load Finder Application) for Truckers:

1. You can install the yukCEPte app for free.
2. Once you have installed the app, enter your personal (driver’s license, etc.) and truck details and you will be constantly informed about loads available for your vehicle in your area.
3. With yukCEPte application, you can take a photo of the delivery note and invoice and access digital copies from anywhere when you need them.
4. As long as you keep the app open and make yourself “available”, you will be aware of load opportunities around you and loads that are offered to you. In this way, you will avoid the hassle of searching for cargo door to door.
5. To pick up the agreed cargo, you will benefit from the navigation service of the TIRPORT yukCEPte application.
6. You earn points as you carry freight with TIRPORT. Your drive performance improves. You become a reliable trucker. This way, cargo owners will prefer you first.
7. While you are on the road with your cargo, TIRPORT offers you opportunities for return loads. You can find your return load as you go, minimizing your empty waiting time.
8. When you become a TIRPORT member, you can get a special PARAM TIRPORT Card free of charge. If you wish, you can make all your payments to PARAM TIRPORT Card and benefit from discounted fuel and many other advantages.
9. You can call the TIRPORT Smart Call Center line 0850 847 76 78 24/7 and get help quickly to solve your problems on the road.

Why Should I Use TIRPORT Load Finder App?

1. Don’t chase loads. When and where you need it, get load information suitable for your vehicle’s specifications as a notification on your mobile phone.
2. Do not wait for the return load. Make your return load planning in TIRPORT before you set off or bid for TIRPORT’s customized load suggestions while on the road. Minimize your idle waiting time.
3. Get paid in 24 hours. You will receive your payment within 24 hours after your cargo is delivered and approved at TIRPORT. Don’t chase receivables, download the TIRPORT yukCEPte app now.
4. By carrying your cargo through optimized routes reduce carbon emissionscontribute to protecting the environment.

Install Load Finder App yukCEPte and Take Your Place in Turkey’s Largest Digital Truck Fleet

Easily access loads that match the specifications of your vehicle at any time and place you want, without paying any commission, without chasing after loads, just from your mobile phone.
Guarantee your return load. Find cargo easily. After you deliver your cargo, get your delivery confirmed and receive your payment within 24 hours.
Stand out from other truckers with your performance. Attract cargo owners with your performance and earn more.
Get 24/7 support from TIRPORT Smart Operations Center.
Download now for free.

Make a Difference in Your Load Carrying Performance with yukCEPte, the Load Finder App

With over 115 thousand truck and trailer drivers, TIRPORT enables cargo owners and logistics companies to easily access suitable and reliable trucks whenever and wherever they want.
Truckers from TIRPORT do not have to convince cargo owners of their reliability, because all their performance is recorded in TIRPORT. High-performance drives are more favored by shippers. Successful drivers are more preferred and earn more.
Manufacturers and logistics companies can build their own virtual fleet of reliable truckers from TIRPORT and easily access them in times of need.
Preferred by manufacturers, cargo owners and logistics companies, truckers’ lives become easier and earn more with TIRPORT.

PARAM TIRPORT Card Advantages with Load Finder Application yukCEPte

Track all collection processes on a company basis instantly.
Receive your freight payments directly to your Param TIRPORT Card 24/7.
Withdraw and deposit money from all ATMs.
Shop from all POS devices and online.
Have the comfort of paying at the pumps of OPET.
Shop with discounts at PARAM contracted locations.
Increase your creditworthiness as you use the card. Benefit from personalized credit limits and payment facilities.
Tires, insurance, etc. Enjoy the privileges of being a TIRPORT customer and get special discounts for your needs.

To benefit from all these advantages, download the TIRPORT load finding app for free and register.

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