Export Cargo Transport to Free Zones is exempt from VAT

Export Cargo Transport to Free Zones is exempt from VAT

VAT exemption for export-purpose cargo transports from free zones abroad or from within the country to free zones entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette. Transports within the scope of import were not included in the VAT exemption scope.

Free Zones in Turkey

There are 21 free zones in Turkey. Although these regions are within the borders of Turkey, they are considered outside the Customs Zone and foreign trade and financial-economic regulations are not applied in these regions. There are also various tax exemption practices in the regions. Foreign companies that want to take advantage of these advantages can form various partnership initiatives to take advantage of the advantages open to the Turkish private sector. Various commercial activities such as production, storage, banking and insurance can also be carried out in the regions. Investors can establish their own offices and facilities in the regions at attractive conditions.

Free Trade Zones

Adana-Yumurtalık Free Zone
Antalya Free Zone, European Free Zone
European Free zone
Bursa Free Zone
Denizli Free Zone
Eastern Anatolia Free Zone
Aegean Free Zone
Gaziantep Free Zone
Istanbul Ataturk Airport Free Zone
Istanbul Leather and Industry Free Zone
Istanbul Stock Exchange Free Zone
Istanbul Thrace Free Zone
İzmir Menemen Leather Free Zone
Kayseri Free Zone
Kocaeli Free Zone
Mardin Free Zone
Mersin Free Zone
Samsun Free Zone
Free Zone Rize
Trabzon Free Zone
Tübitak Marmara Research Center Technology Free Zone.

Source: Logiport