Factories, Exporters and Importers, Freight Forwarders; Your eyes are bright! Your cargo is always safe with TIRPORT!

Factories, Exporters and Importers, Freight Forwarders; Your eyes are bright! Your cargo is always safe with TIRPORT!

92% of logistics transportation in our country is done by highways. With this ratio, Turkey is the most important truck market in Europe. There are large and small logistics companies, the number of which reaches 6 thousand. Many of these companies, which do not have a single self-owned truck, work directly with trucks belonging to individuals and mediate the delivery of 900 thousand shipments every day.

According to 2015 figures, around 40 thousand brand new trucks were sold in Turkey. But the most striking thing is that 9 out of 10 trucks sold are sold directly to individuals.

This situation unique to our country complicates the conditions of safe transportation of the cargo in the logistics sector, and makes it necessary for logistics companies and freight forwarding factories, importers and exporters to develop special methods to search for trucks and truckers that they can trust.

In Turkey, the situation of the cargo being lost on the way is not negligible. Unfortunately, this rate is over one in a thousand in Turkey, and at least 1,000 truckloads are damaged or lost daily.

The safety of transportation is at such a critical level that the issue of finding reliable trucks has become paranoia for both loaders and transportation companies, and serious expenses are incurred for this issue.

For example; Turkey’s largest shipping company mediates approximately 4,000 shipments per day. There are only 400 trucks belonging to him in the “Ozmal” category. Most of these are special cold chain transport trucks. It employs at least 20 thousand trucks from outside in order to maintain a healthy daily load of 4 thousand. It needs hundreds of new “reliable” trucks every day. In order to find these trucks, in the classical method, dozens of staff are used in dozens of truck garages and an additional cost of at least 200-250 thousand TL per month is incurred. The stress pressure created by the process is also excluded.

At this point, TIRPORT, which sets out with a solution, brings together Freight Payers and Logistics Companies with individual truckers on smart phones. It provides a highly secure and transparent platform service with the artificial intelligence supported CRM and ERP infrastructures it has developed.

In traditional transportation processes, the factories, importers and exporters, who own the cargo, give the waybill and load the cargo on the truck, and contact with the cargo is cut off until the cargo reaches the destination. This process was an extremely open system to abuse by malicious people.

From this non-tracking structure, both the importer and the exporter; the carrier serving both the cargo owner; and reliable truckers who do their job responsibly suffer.

With the multi-dimensional transportation security system it has developed, TIRPORT enables real-time and location-based instant tracking of the entire process, from loading the cargo to the truck and delivering it to the destination in a healthy manner.

The Cargo Owner, who cannot follow his cargo after delivering it in the traditional logistics system, will now be able to track his contracted carrier, to which he transports his cargo, in real time and location-based, using TIRPORT’s CRM and ERP infrastructure, and monitor the waybill, approvals and invoice flow from the system.

Cargo owner; factory, importer, exporter and Freight Forwarders;
* When and where your cargo is taken from
* Instantly where you are on the road
* Delay status of your load on the road
When should the cargo arrive at its destination?
How to reach the driver when needed
with one click, they will be able to watch live, record and carry out their work safely from their own CRM & ERP screens.

Advantages of cargo owners who work with the transporter that is a member of the TIRPORT network.

* Reaching reliable transporters and clean trucks thanks to the TIRPORT Trucker Performance System and Online Trucker-Truck Safety Survey
* To be able to monitor the installation status from screens authorized for you, to be informed about developments and disruptions instantly with “instant messages”
* Ability to monitor the transported loads on a real-time map along the way
* Real-time control of all transports and upload-download processes
* Being able to be instantly informed about the disruptions in the processes
* To be able to keep the historical information of the realized shipments in the system.
* Recording all processes related to transportation (including waybills, invoices).
* Ability to make payment processes from the TIRPORT Payment system secured with SSL infrastructure and to follow up on the system
* Getting support from TIRPORT Call Center (0850 TI RPORT) 24/7 for all kinds of problems