Turkish Export Trucks That Can’t Find Return Loads Return Empty

Turkish Export Trucks That Can't Find Return Loads Return Empty

According to the statistics announced by the International Transporters Association (UND) for the first six months of the year, there was an 8 percent increase in export shipments. As this increase was the result of a one-way trade, it became more difficult to find return freight for export trucks. 450 thousand of the 600 thousand export flights that took place between January and June returned to the country empty. Regarding the empty returns with an 11 percent increase, UND Chief Executive Officer Fatih Şener said that the decrease in freights and the decrease in the costs of exporters depends on the stabilization of the transportation quantities.

Looking at the export regions in general, the Middle East continues to be the region with the highest increase in the first 6 months, with 15 percent. When the export increase amounts are evaluated on the basis of countries, Belarus is at the top of the list with 33 percent. In terms of export growth rates, Belarus is followed by Iran with 22 percent and Spain with 16 percent. While there is a 2 percent increase in the amount of exports to Europe, there is a 2 percent decrease in our exports to Germany.

Compared to the January-June period of last year, the number of Turkish import shipments increased by 15 percent and reached 221,000 trips in 2017. The transit transports carried out through our country, on the other hand, increased by 22 percent compared to the previous year. With our transit flights, the number of which reaches 30 thousand, the most intensive transportation is carried out to Iraq and Iran, and then to Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Source: LogiPort