Digitalization Leads the Logistics Industry

Digitalization Leads the Logistics Industry

With the pandemic that has affected the world since the beginning of 2020, we have seen together how vital the logistics industry is. Together with the people of the world, we have experienced that the goods produced must reach the expectations of the customers in a timely manner, otherwise there is no point in producing them. Our experiences have led to the digitization and even transformation of the logistics industry in the world faster than expected. Now, manufacturers want to monitor the entire transportation process of the goods they send to their customers, to have real-time, location-based control in unloading and unloading processes, and to receive live reports. They are waiting to confirm the reliability of the truckers they deliver the loads to. They want to intervene immediately and produce solutions when there is a problem in the transportation process.

In our country, where 859 thousand trucks are on the road, where 450 thousand FTL is transported every day, TIRPORT gives logistics companies the power to manage their operations end-to-end from all digital platforms (iOS/Android/iPad/Web) with dashboards, while on the other hand, it provides real-time service to cargo owners and reliable truckers. and location-based “TIRPORT LoadCEPte” application.

We are trying to produce the most suitable solution for all our members (Corporate and Truckers) with our TIRPORT Smart Call Center.

With our logistics information service TIRPORT Insights, we publish live and up-to-date data, reports, analyzes and predictions about the sector.

We invite you to meet our technologies.