DHL Announces 185 Million USD Infrastructure Investment to E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

DHL Announces 185 Million USD Infrastructure Investment to E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

According to 2016 data, 5% growth is observed in e-commerce exports in Turkey.

DHL Express Turkey CEO Claus Lassen announced that they are planning a growth in the logistics services of the Global E-commerce Market, which has a volume of approximately 400 billion USD and they expect to reach 1 trillion USD in 2020. DHL has set an investment budget of 185 million USD for its mobile technologies, employees and infrastructures for its newly announced investment plan.

Claus Lassen states that one of the important growth areas in Turkey is e-commerce and although 2016 was a challenging year in terms of exports, there was a 5% increase in commercial shipments, especially from Turkey to the USA. It is also noted that approximately half of the cargoes sent from Turkey to the whole world are delivered to the USA and that e-commerce shipments constitute 29% of all cargoes. In DHL’s new e-commerce support program, the opportunities of entrepreneurs in this field will be facilitated with digital options that will be developed especially for e-commerce-based retail shipments.

The era of special solutions for e-commerce begins

In the logistics sector, which is rapidly starting to benefit more from the possibilities of Mobile Technology, DHL also develops solutions suitable for the digital world. In this plan, DHL, which will offer specific delivery options for e-commerce shipments, announced that in the new period, proactive information will be provided to cargo owners via e-mail or SMS, and now the customer can determine “delivery time and place” as desired with “flexible delivery”.