A Wonder of Public Service from Azerbaijan: ASAN Xidmət

A Wonder of Public Service from Azerbaijan: ASAN Xidmət

In today’s information age, technologies and services that make life easier for citizens draw attention. “E-Government” applications are one of the issues that all governments invest in.

Having developed rapidly in the last 10 years and renewing its cultural identity by integrating it with modern architecture, sister country Azerbaijan stands out with its e-Government applications and innovative solutions that make a difference in public services.

This young country, whose population crossed the 10 million mark last week, is looking for the future in technology and quality of life.

The most striking application in this regard comes up with the name ” ASAN Xidmət “. A level of public service that is unmatched in the world and that even western states cannot reach is growing stronger in Azerbaijan, and this structure is a source of inspiration as a role-model for many developing countries. Even Russia has started to establish their own ASANs by modeling this service, and more than 15 countries have signed agreements with the Government of Azerbaijan to establish this structure.

So What Is This ASAN Xidmet?
“ASAN” It means ‘easy’ in Azerbaijani Turkish. ASAN Xidmət means service that makes life easier.

  • Have you had to go to government offices in different places to get a job done?
  • When you enter a government institution, can you express your problems comfortably?
  • Do you have to go door to door?
  • “I wonder where can I get this job done?!” What about the moments when you wander around the institution?
  • Are there moments when procedures drive you crazy?! (Go deposit this amount in this bank, deliver that receipt here, deliver the last form to us, then come and get it, etc.)

ASAN Xidmət finds solutions to exactly these problems. The revolutionary ASAN Xidmət centers of the Azerbaijan Government offer a great solution for you to see how quickly and perfectly all bureaucratic/chore issues can be resolved.

Imagine that you enter a modern building called ASAN Xidmət , which is owned by the state, resembling a shopping mall from the outside, and all the official government institutions you can think of are waiting for you inside as a corner. Is it just government agencies? There are also private institutions that have direct relations with the public. From notary public to photographer, customs officer, travel company, cafes and even bank corners, he is there. Electricity, natural gas, telephone, tax, traffic fine etc. Payments can be made here. There are even playgrounds for children. At the entrance of the door, smiling ASAN volunteers greet you and immediately surround you. As a citizen, this interest pampers you, as a human being you are touched by the heart…

There are 15 A SAN Xidmət Centers in Baku. There are also ASAN Xidmət Buses that go to the neighborhoods and provide mobile service on-site.
We heartily congratulate Azerbaijan, which has developed a unique service model for the social state and made it a part of life by developing it for 4 years.

A Wonder of Public Service from Azerbaijan: ASAN Xidmət
This wonderful public service structure, which can be a Role-Model for all humanity, is like a physical model of the E-Government placed in a modern service building.

It is a service model that is perfectly designed to guide not only developing countries but also developed countries.

Good luck, Azerbaijan…

A Wonder of Public Service from Azerbaijan: ASAN Xidmət