Are You Ready to Manage Today’s Logistics with Tomorrow’s Technologies?

Are You Ready to Manage Today's Logistics with Tomorrow's Technologies?

Imagine that you are the Domestic or International Operations Director of a large logistics company.

You are responsible for the smooth completion of approximately 2,500–3,000 FTL (Full Truck Load) operations per day. You load from more than a hundred points around the country for your tens of contract customers.

Your team is fighting a great battle every day to get thousands of suitable, suitable and reliable trucks to the ramps all over Turkey without delay. You employ dozens of people just to find the right trucks that you will supply daily from the spot and manage the shipping processes. Hundreds of your employees in your operations management centers are trying to reach the truckers on the road by phone, trying to follow the process with phone traffic.

You have a stressful life from start to finish, every phone call makes you jump.

Now, let’s look at how comfortable it can be to manage this operation with TIRPORT, which brings the logistics management of the future into your palm:

You can reach your operations throughout Turkey with a single click from the TIRPORT Corporate Application on your smartphone.

You can see “without asking anyone” how many trucks you have in your operation in Turkey, how many are in the loading phase, how many are on the road, and how many are in the delivery process.
You can choose the trucks that are “available” near the points you need, with the qualities you want, close to you, from the TIRPORT “Find a Suitable Truck” module, just like an Uber look. You can check all the past performance and reliability of the trucker online. You can suggest loads with a single action to those you deem appropriate, or you can evaluate trucker offers for your loads in the ad.​

We can monitor all shipping processes, delivery stages, real-time location-based end-to-end, you can control approvals.

You can see in advance the truck stuck in the customs, the driver waiting where it should not stop, the one who changes its route, the one who cannot reach the unloading point on time, the one that has arrived at the unloading point and is still waiting for unloading , and you can be instantly informed of the disruptions.

With TIRPORT’s safe transportation system, you will not have your goods stolen easily, and you can detect anomalies in advance with the support of technology.

You can use the Param TIRPORT Card, which has the industry’s new generation electronic money infrastructure, as a secure payment tool to the trucker you source from the spot.

You can access all official documents such as waybills and invoices digitally from anywhere.

With TIRPORT SSL, you send a secure SSL link to the customers of your customers whose goods you are trying to deliver, like a boarding pass on an airplane. As soon as your customer clicks on the link, he or she can see where the truck is, reach the driver, and check from the digitized waybill whether the right goods are loaded into the vehicle. TIRPORT’s SSL service allows E-Commerce Sites and Cargo companies to use the “Where is my Cargo?” animations, everything is real, instant, location-based and accessible with TIRPORT.

With TIRPORT’s Intelligent Call Center System, supported by increased intelligence, you can carry out your daily operation of thousands of trucks, not with hundreds of people, as you currently do, but with 15-20 people with high technology.

You don’t have to check dozens of emails to get an end of day report. You don’t have to struggle to collect thousands of shipping documents with dozens of employees every month to take inventory of monthly completed shipments, close customer accounts and issue invoices. All the reports you need in TIRPORT management panels are always ready for you, in real-time, location-based, for the periods you want.

You can instantly access the historical transport records of everyone you employ, whether it’s your driver, who is your own SGK employee, or the trucker you source from the spot, from your personal dashboards and mobile phones.

With the comfort of TIRPORT, neither the U-ETDS reporting that the Ministry of Transport’s New Highways Regulation will make mandatory as of January 01, 2022, nor the trucker’s ability to issue the invoice to you without error will not be a problem. Both have been made ready with a single click in TIRPORT.

Logistics technologies are becoming widespread in the world, logistics management is rapidly becoming digital. USA’s Convoy, Coyote, Project44, Keep Truckin, Next Trucking, China’s Manhang Group (Houchebang), India’s Rivigo, Blackback and Delhivery Unicorn have crossed the threshold. Extraordinary technologies are in the race to grab a bigger share of the world’s $8 trillion logistics market.

In Europe, in the “Freight Service” category, TIRPORT from Turkey, Sennder and InstaFreight from Germany, Everoad from France and Ontruck from Spain stand out in the race.

TIRPORT, which has reached nearly 2500 daily FTL transports in the last year alone, is playing the lead in Europe and MENA region as well as in Turkey. TIRPORT, which is far superior to the foreign origin logistics technologies that have started to enter the Turkish market, continues to invest in technology. Unlike startups that declare themselves logistics technology by publishing freight lists from web portals and their App views, TIRPORT’s greatest advantage is that it can offer logistics companies and freight-owning factories a unique technological experience where they can manage their operations end-to-end.

Even the operation of Turkey’s largest logistics company can be managed end-to-end without any problems with the “TIRPORT Corporate” Application of TIRPORT for Loaders and Logistics Companies.

Turkey’s leading brands and logistics companies continue to choose TIRPORT for operation management. TIRPORT is a candidate to manage more than 30 thousand FTL operations per day with a maximum of 100 people in the next 3 years.

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