132 Million USD Daily Business Volume in E-Commerce and 176 Million USD in Road Transportation

In Turkey, e-commerce turns 132 million USD per day and road transportation turns 176 million USD per day!

There are 930 thousand trucks of 16 tons and above on the roads. The average age of trucks/TIRs is around 17 years. Our fleet is twice as old as in Europe.

Approximately 550 thousand of the 930 thousand trucks carry commercial freight. Approximately 60 thousand of these are trucks owned by the producers themselves, mostly milk-run trucks (flour mill trucks, fuel tankers, etc.) operating on closed routes. The rest are trucks from the public sector, Turkish Armed Forces, excavation, concrete trucks, rescuers, cranes, etc.

The total number of trucks transporting against invoice is around 490 thousand. 410 thousand of these trucks are directly owned by individuals (around 90 thousand individual trucks are owned by motor carriers cooperatives), while around 80 thousand trucks are owned by 8 thousand logistics companies operating in Turkey, large and small. Many logistics companies do not have 10% ownership.

On average, 450 thousand FTL (full truck) loads are received daily. About 100 thousand of these are short distance milk-run-like regular line loads (such as port-factory).

According to TIRPORT Insights June data, 350 thousand trucks that perform FTL every day travel an average of 464 km per day. 1/3 of the trucks return empty without a load.

The average current freight rate increased to 13,400 TRY (505 USD). 14-17% will increase these days. The average freight payment in Turkey is around USD 176.7 million per day. Turkey’s largest logistics company has only a 0.7% share of this pie. The market is highly decentralized. This market can only TIRPORTin storage DepOrtak and can be dominated by high technologies.

According to 2022 official data; Turkey’s e-commerce volume is 800 billion TL (48 billion USD). Daily E-Commerce volume is 132 million USD. The annual transportation market volume is over 50 billion dollars and the logistics sector size is over 100 billion dollars. On the storage side, there is an annual volume of 7-8 billion dollars.


In Turkey, the money circulating in the transportation sector in a day is 176 million USD, while the money circulating in e-commerce is 132 million USD. In Turkey, there is more money in the transportation sector than in e-commerce. There are about 400,000 individual truck owners in this country. On average, they bill between 150-300 thousand TL per month. They are in the top 1% of SMEs.

Banks do not see this community
“fintechs” don’t see this community
The state does not see this community
Factoring companies do not see this community
The individual truck owner is easily forgotten by tire shops, services and truck brands.

There is a huge trade inside. Just on the daily trucker pay side, there could be at least 3-4 unicorns, each of which would turn 5-6 billion dollars a year.

TIRPORTcontinues to digitize and transform the sector with more than 120 thousand member truckers and innovative solutions that will create value for the sector.

The analysis is written by Dr. Akin Arslan who is the co-founder and chairman of the board of TIRPORT.