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TIRPORT, a new generation digital platform that enables those who have and want to transport the cargo, find suitable trucks quickly, and enables the truckers and freight transport companies to reach the cargo they are looking for, when and where they are looking, as soon as possible. It was founded by Akın Arslan, Burcu Kale and Hakan Özçubukçu. TIRPORT Chairman of the Board Dr. Akın Arslan, who said that before TIRPORT was founded, the global logistics industry started to experience a great digital transformation in 2011, said that they started to work on a SuperApp (super application) that can work both as an ERP and a marketplace in the logistics industry in 2014 and to expand the Turkish market. , explained that they have taken their dynamics under closer scrutiny. Stating that they started testing their business models in mid-2018 after a 2.5-year software development process, Arslan said, “In order to make ourselves accepted in the market and to get enough trucks inside, we digitize logistics companies end-to-end, digitally record all transports and documentation, We have created one of the most ambitious business models in the world, which strengthens the concept of traceability with artificial intelligence. In this process, we invested in the business without worrying about income. As of 2020, we rapidly expanded our business with the effect of the Pandemic and the leverage of the increasing traceability pressure globally.”

Operating in 7 countries in 6 languages

Arslan stated that with a team of 70 people, they have managed to manage a larger operation than Turkey’s largest logistics company: “We operate in 6 languages and 7 countries. The number of our member truckers exceeded 90 thousand, and the number of trucks belonging to the members of the system exceeded 55 thousand. Every month, we include over 4 thousand new truckers among the truckers from ‘TIRPORT’. We serve over 3,000 member SMEs, leading logistics companies and manufacturers.

Dr. Akin Arslan

” TIRPORT, which digitizes the logistics industry from end to end, provides end-to-end management of the entire logistics operation of companies of all sizes, from a giant logistics company with thousands of operations per day to a small company with 3-5 trucks, with Tırport cargoCEP for truckers and Tırport Corporate applications for companies / institutions. TIRPORT Chairman of the Board Dr. Akın Arslan said that they aim to be the most important digital platform of the region in logistics, which will host 1.5 million trucks in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa by 2025. TIRPORT aims to be the most important digital platform in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa in logistics by 2025. Operating in 7 countries in 6 languages, TIRPORT has increased its globalization target. Dr. Akın Arslan explained that TIRPORT works with two main business models: “We work as a TMS (Transport Management System) like an ERP where logistics companies and freight owners can manage their logistics operations from end to end from all digital platforms. In this process, we monitor all shipments instantly and provide real-time, location-based delivery reports. We are one of the three technologies that can manage all logistics operations from a corporate application in the pocket, supported by artificial-intelligence, among our more than 200 leading competitors in the world, 20 of whom are unicorns. With the most advanced technologies in the world, we can do this only with mobile phone technologies, without the need for any device to be installed on trucks.

The trucker can monitor their delivery performance and driving performance. We differentiate ourselves with integrated payment systems. On the other hand, we bring together cargo owners and truckers on our platform, just like Uber, in our digital marketplace. With completely smart sorting and prioritization; We match parties that fit each other’s needs perfectly, in the right place, at the right time. We also support the process with our TIRPORT Card and payment systems with electronic money infrastructure, and our Secure Payment System solutions. ”

Emphasizing that two-thirds of the transports in Turkey are not contracted transport, Arslan stated that TIRPORT is on its way to become the number one address of trust and speed in the spot market with its technologies, and that the trucker can receive his money in just 24 hours after delivering his cargo and being digitally approved. Arslan stated that thanks to TIRPORT, cargo owners can entrust their loads to high-performance and reliable trucks within a few hours.

Arslan mentioned that Tırport has two applications: “Tırport cargoCEP for truck drivers and Tırport Corporate for companies/institutions. Tırport Corporate, which enables the end-to-end management of all logistics operations of companies of all sizes, from a giant logistics company with thousands of operations a day to a small company with 3-5 trucks, is one of the unique applications in the world. ”

Explaining that they manage more than 4 thousand FTL operations per day and that they aim to increase the number of truckers exceeding 90 thousand to over 200 thousand within 2 years, Arslan gave the following information about 2022 and their long-term goals:

“• As of March 1, we entered the spot market. We are now a candidate to become the number one reliable truck supplier for thousands of SMEs. By the end of the year, we aim to reach a turnover of more than 2.5 million TL per day in the country and over 500 thousand dollars per day abroad.

• Among the future plans of TIRPORT; It also includes becoming the most important ‘digital hub’ in the region of logistics movement between Europe, China and Africa, being a marketplace, and hosting more than 1.5 million international truckers. TIRPORT aims to be the most important digital platform of the region in logistics, hosting 1.5 million trucks in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa by 2025.

• We want to build a strong LTL and partial bridge between Turkey and Europe and start operations by 2023.

• As a result of the evaluation we made with our existing global investors, we decided to move our company headquarters to the Netherlands in the first half of 2023 and manage our global operations from there.

• Due to Turkey’s logistics advantages and the suitability of its production infrastructure, foreign direct investment of over 500 billion dollars may come to Turkey in the next 10 years. In this process, we, as the largest digital actor in the region, aim to attract 20 percent of the FTL, LTL and Partial traffic between Turkey and Europe on our own in the next 10 years.

• We attach great importance to the African market. It will be a major consumption focus after 2030. We are far superior to our current competitors there, both in terms of technology and business model. With a Dubai-based operations management, we aspire to be Africa’s number one digital operator by 2025.”

Source: KobiEfor