Giant Collaboration from TIRPORT

Giant Collaboration from TIRPORT

World giant DAMCO chose TIRPORT in logistics operations management

Global Forwarding and Supply Chain Management Company DAMCO will now manage port container transportation operations in Turkey with TIRPORT

DAMCO, the logistics company of MAERSK, the world’s largest Container Transport Company, operating worldwide and providing services to many global brands in the field of “Supply Chain Management” and forwarding, provides follow-up of port container transport operations in Turkey to Turkey’s Logistics Technologies StartUp, TIRPORT. entrusted it.

MAERSK, as it is known, is the world’s largest container transport operator. The world giant holds approximately 15.9% of the market. DAMCO, one of the Maersk Group companies, carries out a global forwarding and supply chain management operation in 130 countries with 10 thousand personnel.

DAMCO carries out the shipment of more than 50 thousand containers from production points and warehouses to ports in Turkey, and draws attention with its growing volume every day. Local manufacturers, especially export-oriented and sending their products to many countries of the world, prefer to entrust their goods to DAMCO, a global actor in container transportation.

Defining 2017 as “the year of making new innovation-based moves in digitalization processes” in the digitalization of logistics operations, MAERSK and DAMCO closely follow regional innovations and developments in this field.

TIRPORT Logistics Technologies StartUp, which brings together “Load Carriers” and “Load Carriers” on real-time and location-based digital platforms, with the internet and smart phone-based applications it has developed, with its logistics operation management and control system supported by artificial intelligence developed specifically for DAMCO. It managed to get DAMCO’s attention.

With the agreement signed between TIRPORT and DAMCO last week, DAMCO entrusted its logistics operations management to TIRPORT technologies.

DAMCO, which currently works with many supplier (carrier) companies, will now manage port container transportation operations in Turkey under the guidance of TIRPORT technologies as of the beginning of 2017, and supplier (carrier) companies serving DAMCO will increase their resource efficiency and effectiveness and minimize their costs with TIRPORT.