TIRPORT Started Monitoring Trucker Driving Performances with “TIRPORT Drive” Technology

TIRPORT Started Monitoring Trucker Driving Performances with “TIRPORT Drive” Technology

Tırport started to monitor trucker driving performances with “Tırport Drive” technology

Trucker driving performances are monitored with Tirport Drive technology

Tırport, which digitizes end-to-end logistics management and gives logistics companies and freight manufacturers the power to manage all their operations in real-time, location-based, started to monitor their driving performance by using artificial-intelligence supported application technologies.

With the “Tırport Drive” technology, besides the driving performance of the truck drivers and the qualifications of the drivers, the brands, models, trailers, etc. of the trucks can be determined. can be measured comparatively, taking into account the criteria.

Dozens of criteria, from effective driving to acceleration-braking abnormalities, from detecting excessive fuel consumption to possible tire problems, and the driver’s phone usage habits on the road, are analyzed with the Tırport Mobile Application, and solutions related to driving behaviors are produced by grouping them. For this, there is no need to install any kits on the vehicle and OBD ports. It is enough for the driver to have a mobile phone and keep the Tirport application open.

Tirport enters the European market next year

Being among the top 3 digital platforms of the European market in logistics, Tırport plans to establish a company in the Netherlands in the first quarter of next year. Noting that they chose the Netherlands as their base, Tirport Chairman of the Board Dr. Akın Arslan said that they are preparing to start operations in more than 20 countries in Europe. Explaining that they operate in 7 countries besides our country, Tırport President Dr. Akın Arslan announced that they will grow on a global scale with the new technologies they will commission and they will continue to add value as a pioneer in the sector. Expressing that European suppliers are seeking to develop cooperation with Tirport, Dr. Akın Arslan explained that Tırport offers many technological developments in the sector, such as end-to-end logistics operation management, trucker database management, location-based real-time reporting of loading and unloading operations.

What are the innovations that Tırport offers to the sector for logistics companies and truckers?

The importance of the logistics sector once again came to the fore during the pandemic period you are in. “Logistics” is one of the sectors that will experience a serious technological change and transformation in the next 5 years. While Tırport digitizes the operations of logistics companies and truckers end-to-end, it continues to add value to the sector on a global scale with the new applications it implements.

The innovations that Tırport offers to logistics companies, freight owners and truckers’ cooperatives are as follows:

On the corporate application of 1-Tırport, it is possible to monitor and manage all transportation operations 24/7.

2- It is possible to find the approved and safe trucker at the desired place and date, to offer them loads and to create a safe trucker portfolio.

3-An effective digital operation management that works and is managed on all platforms including web, iOS, Android is possible.

4- Thanks to the SSL link in Tırport, it is possible to share a reliable link where the customer waiting for the load can view the load and transport information live.

5-With Param Tirport card, it is possible to pay transportation money 24/7 with the electronic money infrastructure system.

The innovations that Tirport offers to truckers are as follows:

1- With Tırport’s YukCepte application, it is possible to access information about the cargoes that may be suitable for the truck’s specifications, and to bid at any time and location.

2-While the trucker is still on the road with the going load, it is possible to find the return load thanks to the support of smart algorithms.

3- It is possible to be included in the “Reliable” portfolios of logistics companies and large cargo owners and to be instantly informed about the cargo opportunities that will arise from them.

4-With Param Tirport Card, it is possible to receive transportation payments directly, to carry out transportation, to follow current accounts on company basis and to use discounted fuel advantages.

Thanks to the 5-Tırport YukCepte application, it is possible to make U-ETDS reporting with one click.